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Wallah may refer to:

  • Wallah (Arabic)
  • -walla (or -wala, wali fem.), derived from Bengali, Marathi and Hindustani ওয়ালা वाला والا -vālā (suffix forming an adjectival compound with a noun or an agentive sense with a verb), an Indian surname or suffix indicating a person involved in some kind of activity, where they hail from or what they wear (Topiwala), for example:
    • Dabbawala, lunch box deliverer
    • Auto-walla, driver of an auto rickshaw
    • Chaiwala, a boy or young man who serves tea
    • Rickshawala, a rickshaw driver
    • Attar-walla, seller of perfumes and extracts
    • Kulfi-walla, maker of Kulfi (Ice-cream)
    • Kaan-saaf walla, ear cleaner
    • Bottley-walla, recycler of printed material, bottles, and these days, electronic gadgets such as TVs
    • Dudh-Walla, this is a caste, an accent and applies to milkmen
    • Punkawallah, the servant who keeps the punkah or fan going on hot nights
    • Dhobi walla, laundry worker.

Wala or Vala was also used in Parsi and Bohra surnames, suggesting the profession or a place-name. For example, Amroliwala, Daruwalla, seller of daru or Persian for wine, Mithaiwala (sweetseller)

Wala is also used to indicate a specific object or thing among several.

  • chota wala, the small one
  • dusra wala, the second one
  • agla wala, the next one

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