Walsh (surname)

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For other uses, see Walsh.
Family name
Meaning "Foreigner"
Region of origin Ireland
Related names "Walshe", "Welsh", "Brannagh", "Breathnach", "Welch"

Walsh is a common Irish surname, meaning "Briton" or "foreigner," literally "Welshman," taken to Ireland by British (Welsh, Cornish and Cumbrian) soldiers during and after the Norman invasion of Ireland. It is most common in County Mayo and County Kilkenny. It is the fourth most common surname in Ireland, and the 265th most common in the United States. There are variants including "Walshe", "Welsh", "Brannagh" and "Breathnach". Walsh is uncommon as a given name. The name is often pronounced "Welsh" in the south and west of the country.[1]


People with the name Walsh include:[2]





Fictional characters[edit]

  • Jack Walsh, the character portrayed by Robert De Niro in the film Midnight Run
  • Maggie Walsh, fictional character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • A family of characters from Beverly Hills, 90210 and its spin-offs; see List of Beverly Hills, 90210 characters
    • JIm and Cindy Walsh, parents
    • Brandon and Brenda Walsh, twin children
  • Shane Walsh, fictional character form The Walking Dead


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