Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge

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The Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge is a part of the Zhengzhou–Xi'an High-Speed Railway which connects Zhengzhou and Xi'an, in China. The bridge is 79,732 metres (261,588 ft; 49.543 mi) long crossing the Wei River twice, as well as many other rivers, highways and railways.[1] Upon its completion, it was the longest bridge in the world, but surpassed by two new bridges on Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway that completed in 2010.

The bridge was completed in 2008 but the railway line itself did not open until February 6, 2010.[2][3][4]

Weinan North Railway Station, part of the Grand Bridge

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Coordinates: 34°32′53″N 109°34′26″E / 34.548167°N 109.573806°E / 34.548167; 109.573806