Weinan North Railway Station

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Weinanbei Station
Weinan North Station
Weinan North Railway Station 2012-09.JPG
Weinan North Railway Station
Province Shaanxi
(See other stations in Shaanxi)
City Weinan
District Linwei
Cangcheng Lu
Coordinates 34°32′10″N 109°28′53″E / 34.536152°N 109.481378°E / 34.536152; 109.481378Coordinates: 34°32′10″N 109°28′53″E / 34.536152°N 109.481378°E / 34.536152; 109.481378
Pinyin Code Weinanbei
Station statistics
Operator(s) China Railway Corporation
Line(s) Zhengzhou–Xi'an High-Speed Railway, Datong–Xian Passenger Dedicated Railway Line
No. of platforms 4

The Weinan North Railway Station(渭南北站) is a railway station of Zhengxi Passenger Railway that located in Linwei District of Weinan city in Shaanxi province, China.


The station during construction was called New Weinan Railway Station but following its completion it was renamed Weinan North Railway Station.