Germany women's national field hockey team

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Association Deutscher Hockey Bund
(German Hockey Federation)
Confederation EHF (Europe)
Coach Jamilon Mülders
Assistant coach Andreas Höppner
Manager Julia Walter
Captain Hannah Krüger
FIH ranking 7
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
First kit
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours
Second kit

The Germany women's national field hockey team represents the unified Germany since 1991 in international field hockey competitions. The team won the gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece, by defeating the Netherlands in the final.


Summer Olympics[edit]

  • 1984Silver medal
  • 19885th place
  • 1992Silver medal
  • 19966th place
  • 20007th place
  • 2004Gold medal
  • 20084th place
  • 20127th place
  • 2016Bronze medal

World Cup[edit]

  • 1974Bronze medal
  • 1976Gold medal
  • 1978Silver medal
  • 1981Gold medal
  • 1983Fourth place
  • 1986Silver medal
  • 1990Eighth place
  • 1994Fourth place
  • 1998Bronze medal
  • 2002Seventh place
  • 2006Eighth place
  • 2010Fourth place
  • 2014Eighth place

World League[edit]

European Nations Cup[edit]

  • 1984Bronze medal
  • 1987Fourth place
  • 1991Silver medal
  • 1995Bronze medal
  • 1999Silver medal
  • 2003Bronze medal
  • 2005Silver medal
  • 2007Gold medal
  • 2009Silver medal
  • 2011Silver medal
  • 2013Gold medal
  • 2015Bronze medal

Champions Trophy[edit]

  • 1989Bronze medal
  • 1991Fourth place
  • 1993Bronze medal
  • 1995Fourth place
  • 1997Silver medal
  • 1999Bronze medal
  • 2000Silver medal
  • 2004Silver medal
  • 2005Fifth place
  • 2006Gold medal
  • 20104th place
  • 20118th place
  • 20124th place
  • 20147th place

Champions Challenge[edit]

  • 2003Gold medal
  • 2005Sixth place


Current squad[edit]

The following is the German roster in the women's field hockey tournament of the 2016 Summer Olympics.[1] Annika Sprink was replaced due to an injury by Katharina Otte on 18 August 2016.[2] ‹See Tfd›view · talk

Head coach: Jamilon Mülders


Notable players[edit]


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