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Weta Trimaran
Weta Trimaran Symbol.jpg
Class symbol
Weta Trimaran racing in the High Serra Regatta.jpg
Weta racing in the High Sierra Regatta
Designer Roger and Chris Kitchen, Tim Clissold
Location Auckland, New Zealand
Year 2006
Design One-design
Crew 1-3 adults / max 240 kg (530 lb)
Type Open trimaran
Construction Carbon fiber, fiberglass and foam
Hull weight Approx. 100 kg (220 lb)
LOA 4.4 m (14 ft)

3.5 m (11 ft) (rigged)

1.7 m (5.6 ft) (on trailer)
Hull appendages
Keel/board type Daggerboard
Rig type Fractional Bermuda or Marconi rig with gennaker
Mast length 5.6 m (18 ft)
Jib/genoa area 3.2 m2 (34 sq ft)
Spinnaker area 8 m2 (86 sq ft)
Upwind sail area 11.5 m2 (124 sq ft)
Total sail area 19.5 m2 (210 sq ft)
D-PN 78.5
RYA PN 950
Weta racing on Huntington Lake California High Serra Regatta
2017 Weta features
Weta Trimaran on Huntington Lake CA.jpg
Weta trimaran on Lake Rotorua, New Zealand 2009.jpg

The Weta 4.4 Trimaran is a 4.4 metre (14 foot) sailing dinghy conceived and developed in New Zealand from 2001-2006 by Roger and Chris Kitchen and others with design by TC Design's Tim Clissold.


The boat is constructed from fibre glass and carbon fibre, and is popular as a racing boat or for recreational sailing.[1] It has added stability and righting moment from the trimaran amas or floats.


The Weta Trimaran is recognized as one design class by Yachting New Zealand,[2] the French Sailing Federation,[3] and the Royal Yachting Association in the UK.[4]


In 2010 the Weta Trimaran was awarded Boat of the Year by Sailing World magazine.[5]


There are two distinct builds of the Weta Trimaran, the 'original build' and the '2015 Weta' which was created from a new mold and included (mostly internal) hull revisions. In April 2017, Weta announced the availability of a foam-core Weta which was 12 kg lighter than the Standard boat which is still available. The foam core boat is right on the minimum weight in the class rules.

Original build[edit]

From 2006 to 2014 the 'original build' was manufactured in China for Weta Marine and sailed internationally[6] with 1000 boats sold to date with the largest fleets in France and the USA.[7][8] Its sails were manufactured by Dutch windsurfing sail-maker Gaastra.

The design evolved over time:

  • Color changes (Most boats were produced to four RAL color codes: Red (3020), Yellow (1018), Green (6018), Light Grey (7035). Some very early boats featured alternative red and yellow hues)
  • Three rudders
  • New deeper daggerboard
  • Mylar sails
  • Minor modifications to forestay tack fitting
  • Optional furling jib
  • Optional mainsails:
    • Small training mainsail
    • Heavy weather mainsail
    • 'Resort' mainsail (Dacron)


2015 Weta[edit]

In 2014 the new 2015 Weta was announced.

Structural and cosmetic improvements include:

  • Deck (screecher furler cleat on cockpit side, swaged stays, Liros ropes and optional hiking strap, enhanced grip, new raised foredeck detail for enhanced strength and durability)
  • Floats (Precision fit Killwell carbon beams via vertical join. Switch to Nairn hatches.)
  • Sails (Switch of manufacturer to North Sails)
  • Centrecase (precision fit via nylon pile)
  • Trampoline (improved alignment via Ronstan custom carbon pads)
  • Rudder bar and gudgeons (strength and durability enhancement)

In September 2014 the first of the new '2015 Weta' build were shipped to customers in the US.

2017 Foam Core Weta & Square Top Sail[edit]

In April 2017, Weta announced the availability of a redesigned and bi-radial cut 9.3SqM square top mainsail and a 12 kg lighter foam-core boat.


  • Top recorded Speed: 20.68 kn (38.30 km/h; 23.80 mph) by Tom Kirkman, USA.
  • Rigging time: 20 minutes


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