Where Do the Children Play?

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"Where Do the Children Play?"
Song by Cat Stevens
from the album Tea for the Tillerman
Released 23 November 1970
Genre Folk rock
Label Island Records
A&M Records (USA)
Songwriter(s) Cat Stevens
Producer(s) Paul Samwell-Smith
Tea for the Tillerman track listing
  1. "Where Do the Children Play?"
  2. "Hard Headed Woman"
  3. "Wild World"
  4. "Sad Lisa"
  5. "Miles from Nowhere"
  6. "But I Might Die Tonight"
  7. "Longer Boats"
  8. "Into White"
  9. "On the Road to Find Out"
  10. "Father And Son"
  11. "Tea for the Tillerman"

"Where Do the Children Play?" is a song by British folk-rock musician Cat Stevens, opening his November 1970 album Tea for the Tillerman.[1]

The song reflects awareness of the turmoil of the late 1960s and the issues involved: war, urban sprawl, poverty, ecological disaster, and the future of humankind.[citation needed] The same themes and concerns are repeated later in many of his songs.[citation needed]

The song was one of several of Stevens's/Islam's songs that were used for the soundtrack of the 1971 movie, Harold and Maude. The film features the song during a scene where lead character Harold is driving past a military graveyard, panning out to show a vast number of little tiny white graves, thus underscoring the point of the song.

In 2005, Stevens/Islam re-recorded the selection as a duet with Dolly Parton on her album Those Were The Days.

In 2017, Garbage recorded a cover of the song for United Nations charity album, Music To Inspire: Artists UNited Against Human Trafficking.[2][3][4]


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