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Industry web development
Founded 2008
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Products web applications
Number of employees
Website wiggio.com

Wiggio is a Web application with a focus on group collaboration, offered by Desire2Learn.


According to the website's About page: "We developed Wiggio out of our own frustrations with working in groups. We were tired of sending eleven emails back and forth to set a meeting time. We were fed up with "that guy" who just never knows where and when to be for meetings. We were tired of multiple mailing lists, contact books, phone-chains and incompatibilities. We wanted everything to be in one place, and we wanted it simple."

Wiggio Beta was introduced to the Cornell campus in Spring 2008 and attracted about 1500 users. The public beta launch was September 15, 2008. Wiggio had about 5000 users as of September 17, 2008. Wiggio is one of the first companies to have participated in Cornell's ELAB accelerator program.

CNet described Wiggio as "the best new Web 2.0 collaboration" company after TechCrunch50.[1]

EContent Magazine said Wiggio is not another social network but a productivity tool for students who are asked to work in groups by professors who hope to instill teamwork skills.[2]

TechCrunch reported that Wiggio had come out of beta in February 2009 with a new look and features such as a Twitter-like message stream for group members, a group list-serv, a shared calendar, mass text and voice messaging, file-sharing (including online docs and spreadsheets), polling, and more. They compared it to Yammer, eXo Platform and Basecamp, but targeted to college student dynamics (academic, extracurricular, social, committees, sports teams, music/dance, religious, charity, etc.) They reported that Wiggio has 45,000 users, about 80 percent of which are college students and faculty members.[3]

According to the site, Wiggio currently has over 1.1 million users.

Wiggio announced On December 2, 2016 in an email to customers it will not be available after January 5, 2017 and all content will be deleted.*Citation Needed*

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