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This poll is now closed Bmills 10:03, 19 Jan 2004 (UTC)

These articles concerning Science were added to Wikipedia:Brilliant prose before the institution of the Nomination system that is presently in use. Moreover, some of them are more than a year old and the standards of wikipedia have (fortunately) improved since then.

Now we call upon all wikipedians to have a say on this articles. You can vote only with your signature for:

  • Keep or
  • Remove

Please add short comments within parentheses after your vote, and long comments on the talk page.

Within a month, on the new year, the Brilliant prose page will be refreshed according to the voting. Articles with no vote at all will be considered boring and will be removed.

Vote also on:

Philosophy, Mathematics, and Natural Science[edit]

Applied Arts and Sciences[edit]

Medicine & health[edit]