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Current collaborations
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Biography article statistics

The Biography WikiProject Collaboration department attempts to drive article improvement by collectively working on a single article.

To request help with an article you are working on, simply follow the "Nominate a new article" instructions.

Current collaboration[edit]

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The current Biography WikiProject Collaboration is:
Pope John Paul II.

Please help improve the article to featured article standard!

Nominate a new article[edit]

To select a new collaboration article:

  1. Remove {{BioCOTWnow}} from the top of the current collaboration article's talk page.
  2. Add past-collaboration=<start date>–<end date> to the {{WPBiography}} project banner at the top of the old article's talk page.
  3. Add {{BioCOTWnow}} to the top of the new article's talk page.
  4. Update Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Collaboration/Current to point to the new article.
  5. Update the archive.

Suggestions for improvement or work to be done, can be left on the article's talk page.