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Catholic Encyclopedia articles (edit)

This page started with 1288 articles

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Soft Redirects[edit]

  1. Altar Curtain or Curtain, Altar (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to Altar (Catholicism}
  2. Captivities of the Israelites (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to only one of the captivities
  3. Co-Consecrators (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to Consecrators
  4. Altar Candlesticks or Candlesticks, Altar (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to Altar
  5. Altar Canopy or Canopy, Altar (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to Altar
  6. Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel or Carmel, Feast of Our Lady of Mount (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  7. Altar Carpets or Carpets, Altar (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to Altar
  8. Altar Cavity or Cavity, Altar (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to Altar
  9. Historical Criticism or Criticism, Historical (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to Higher crutucism
  10. Ecclesiastical Canons or Canons, Ecclesiastical (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to Corpus Juris Canonici
  11. Episcopal and Pontifical Capitulations or Capitulations, Episcopal and Pontifical (CE | wp gwp g) - goes to Conclave capitulations
  12. Vicariate Apostolic of Lower California or California, Vicariate Apostolic of Lower (CE | wp gwp g) -- Redirects to Apostolic vicariate
  13. Campo Santo de' Tedeschi (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to general area in Rome
  14. Canon of the Old Testament (CE | wp gwp g) -- Redirects to Biblical canon
  15. Canon of the New Testament (CE | wp gwp g) -- Redirects to Biblical canon
  16. School of Cork or Cork, School of (CE | wp gwp g) -- Redirects to towns
  17. Virgin of Cuyo or Cuyo, Virgin of (CE | wp gwp g) -- Links to Cuyo (Argentina)
  18. Cignani Family (CE | wp gwp g) -- Redirects to one member of the family
  19. Civil Marriage (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to marriage
  20. Cursores Apostolici (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to Cursores
  21. Cybistra (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to Heraclea
  22. Chrismatory Chrismal or Chrismal, Chrismatory (CE | wp gwp g) - Redirects to more general Chrism
  23. Communion of the Sick (CE | wp gwp g) -- Redirects to Reserved sacrament
  24. Censorship of Books (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to list of banned books
  25. Papal Consistory or Consistory, Papal (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to Papal Conclave
  26. Ecclesiastical Constitutions or Constitutions, Ecclesiastical (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to Apostolic constitution
  27. Papal Constitutions or Constitutions, Papal (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to Apostolic constitution
  28. Custom (in Canon Law) (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to Ius (Canon Law)
  29. Diocesan Consultors or Consultors, Diocesan (CE | wp gwp g) - redirects to consultors
  30. Ecclesiastical Censures or Censures, Ecclesiastical (CE | wp gwp g)
  31. Holy Name of Christ or Christ, Holy Name of (CE | wp gwp g)
  32. Compromise (in Canon Law) (CE | wp gwp g)
  33. Consent (in Canon Law) (CE | wp gwp g)
  34. Crucifix and Cross in Archæology (CE | wp gwp g)

Expandable Articles[edit]

  1. Pedro de Calatayud or Calatayud, Pedro de (CE | wp gwp g)
  2. Robert Ciboule or Ciboule, Robert (CE | wp gwp g)
  3. Cæsar of Speyer (CE | wp gwp g)
  4. Ecclesiastical Conferences or Conferences, Ecclesiastical (CE | wp gwp g)
  5. Coelchu (CE | wp gwp g)
  6. Cantate Sunday (CE | wp gwp g)
  7. Pedro Campaña or Campaña, Pedro (CE | wp gwp g)
  8. Confraternity (Sodality) (CE | wp gwp g)
  9. Andrea Ciccione or Ciccione, Andrea (CE | wp gwp g)
  10. Brothers of Christian Instruction or Christian Instruction, Brothers of (CE | wp gwp g)
  11. Chronicle of Eusebius (CE | wp gwp g)
  12. John Clerk or Clerk, John (CE | wp gwp g)
  13. Josse Clichtove or Clichtove, Josse (CE | wp gwp g)
  14. Imperfect Contrition or Contrition, Imperfect (CE | wp gwp g)
  15. Contumacy (in Canon Law) (CE | wp gwp g)
  16. Saint Cæsarius of Arles or Cæsarius of Arles, Saint (CE | wp gwp g)
  17. Bartolomé Carranza or Carranza, Bartolomé (CE | wp gwp g)
  18. François-Xavier Charlevoix or Charlevoix, François-Xavier (CE | wp gwp g)
  19. Saint Claude de la Colombière or Colombière, Saint Claude de la (CE | wp gwp g)
  20. Saint Conrad of Piacenza or Conrad of Piacenza, Saint (CE | wp gwp g)
  21. Leopoldo Marco Antonio Caldani or Caldani, Leopoldo Marco Antonio (CE | wp gwp g)
  22. Paolo Caliari or Caliari, Paolo (CE | wp gwp g)
  23. Saint Canice or Canice, Saint (CE | wp gwp g)
  24. Alonso Cano or Cano, Alonso (CE | wp gwp g)
  25. John Capgrave or Capgrave, John (CE | wp gwp g)
  26. Saint Casimir or Casimir, Saint (CE | wp gwp g)
  27. George Cassander or Cassander, George (CE | wp gwp g)
  28. Cassiodorus (CE | wp gwp g)
  29. Giovanni Battista Castello or Castello, Giovanni Battista (CE | wp gwp g)
  30. Saint Catherine of Bologna or Catherine of Bologna, Saint (CE | wp gwp g)
  31. Saint Cecilia or Cecilia, Saint (CE | wp gwp g)
  32. Saint Ceolfrid or Ceolfrid, Saint (CE | wp gwp g)
  33. Plain Chant or Chant, Plain (CE | wp gwp g)
  34. Jean-Antoine Chaptal or Chaptal, Jean-Antoine (CE | wp gwp g)
  35. Charismata (CE | wp gwp g)
  36. Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary or Charity, Sisters of, of the Blessed Virgin Mary (CE | wp gwp g)
  37. Saint Charles Borromeo or Charles Borromeo, Saint (CE | wp gwp g)
  38. Pierre Charron or Charron, Pierre (CE | wp gwp g)
  39. Chartres (CE | wp gwp g)
  40. Georges Chastellain or Chastellain, Georges (CE | wp gwp g)
  41. Saint Peter Claver or Claver, Saint Peter (CE | wp gwp g)
  42. Cleric (CE | wp gwp g)
  43. Ellen Mary Clerke or Clerke, Ellen Mary (CE | wp gwp g)
  44. Clonfert (CE | wp gwp g)
  45. Saint Clotilda or Clotilda, Saint (CE | wp gwp g)
  46. John Clynn or Clynn, John (CE | wp gwp g)
  47. Nicolas Coeffeteau or Coeffeteau, Nicolas (CE | wp gwp g)
  48. Robert Aston Coffin or Coffin, Robert Aston (CE | wp gwp g)
  49. Hermann Cohen or Cohen, Hermann (CE | wp gwp g)
  50. Apostolic College or College, Apostolic (CE | wp gwp g)
  51. Anna Comnena or Comnena, Anna (CE | wp gwp g)
  52. Henry Conwell or Conwell, Henry (CE | wp gwp g)
  53. Michael Corrigan or Corrigan, Michael (CE | wp gwp g)
  54. William Crolly or Crolly, William (CE | wp gwp g)
  55. Juan de la Cueva or Cueva, Juan de la (CE | wp gwp g)
  56. Paul Cullen or Cullen, Paul (CE | wp gwp g)
  57. Cæremoniale Episcoporum (CE | wp gwp g)
  58. Michael Cærularius or Cærularius, Michael (CE | wp gwp g)
  59. Diego Muñoz Camargo or Camargo, Diego Muñoz (CE | wp gwp g)
  60. Catholicity in Canada or Canada, Catholicity in (CE | wp gwp g)
  61. Cristóbal de Castillejo or Castillejo, Cristóbal de (CE | wp gwp g)
  62. Cervia (CE | wp gwp g)
  63. Châlons-sur-Marne (CE | wp gwp g)
  64. Jean-François Champollion or Champollion, Jean-François (CE | wp gwp g)
  65. Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth or Charity, Sisters of, of St. Elizabeth (CE | wp gwp g)
  66. Saint Chrysogonus or Chrysogonus, Saint (CE | wp gwp g)
  67. Cenni di Pepo Cimabue or Cimabue, Cenni di Pepo (CE | wp gwp g)
  68. Charles Clémencet or Clémencet, Charles (CE | wp gwp g)
  69. Abbey and School of Clonmacnoise or Clonmacnoise, Abbey and School of (CE | wp gwp g)
  70. Diego Collado or Collado, Diego (CE | wp gwp g)
  71. François Combefis or Combefis, François (CE | wp gwp g)
  72. Civil authority (CE | wp gwp g)
  73. Diocese of Calabozo or Calabozo, Diocese of (CE | wp gwp g)
  74. Capaccio and Vallo (CE | wp gwp g)
  75. Capuchinesses (CE | wp gwp g)
  76. Theological Censures or Censures, Theological (CE | wp gwp g)
  77. Saint Ceslaus or Ceslaus, Saint (CE | wp gwp g)
  78. Diego Alvarez Chanca or Chanca, Diego Alvarez (CE | wp gwp g)
  79. Sisters of Charity (St. John, New Brunswick) or Charity, Sisters of, (St. John, New Brunswick) (CE | wp gwp g)
  80. Alexandre-Etienne Choron or Choron, Alexandre-Etienne (CE | wp gwp g)
  81. Saint Clare of Montefalco or Clare of Montefalco, Saint (CE | wp gwp g)
  82. Diocese of Coimbra or Coimbra, Diocese of (CE | wp gwp g)
  83. Saint Colman of Templeshambo or Colman, Saint, of Templeshambo (CE | wp gwp g)
  84. Diocese of Columbus or Columbus, Diocese of (CE | wp gwp g)
  85. Privilege of Competency or Competency, Privilege of (CE | wp gwp g)
  86. Examination of Conscience or Conscience, Examination of (CE | wp gwp g)
  87. Nicolas Caussin or Caussin, Nicolas (CE | wp gwp g)
  88. Blessed Cunegundes or Cunegundes, Blessed (CE | wp gwp g)
  89. Henri Raymond Casgrain or Casgrain, Henri Raymond (CE | wp gwp g)
  90. François Dollier de Casson or Casson, François Dollier de (CE | wp gwp g)
  91. Giovanni Battista Caprara or Caprara, Giovanni Battista (CE | wp gwp g)
  92. Jean-Baptiste Carnoy or Carnoy, Jean-Baptiste (CE | wp gwp g)
  93. Charles-Félix Cazeau or Cazeau, Charles-Félix (CE | wp gwp g)
  94. Certitude (CE | wp gwp g)
  95. Fray Antonio de la Calancha or Calancha, Fray Antonio de la (CE | wp gwp g)
  96. Congregation of Christian Retreat or Christian Retreat, Congregation of (CE | wp gwp g)
  97. Civil Authority (CE | wp gwp g)
  98. Pierre-Suzanne-Augustin Cochin or Cochin, Pierre-Suzanne-Augustin (CE | wp gwp g)
  99. Cross-Bearer (CE | wp gwp g)
  100. Brothers of the Cross of Jesus or Cross of Jesus, Brothers of the (CE | wp gwp g)
  101. Galeazzo Campi or Campi, Galeazzo (CE | wp gwp g)
  102. Triple Candlestick or Candlestick, Triple (CE | wp gwp g)
  103. Frequent Communion or Communion, Frequent (CE | wp gwp g)
  104. Domenico Campagnola or Campagnola, Domenico (CE | wp gwp g)
  105. Coptic Versions of the Bible (CE | wp gwp g)
  106. Jean-Joseph Casot Jean-Jacques Casot or Casot, Jean-Jacques (CE | wp gwp g)
  107. Guigo de Castro or Castro, Guigo de or Guigues du Chastel (CE | wp gwp g)
  108. Diocese of Cochin or Cochin, Diocese of (CE | wp gwp g)
  109. Ignatius Carbonnelle or Carbonnelle, Ignatius (CE | wp gwp g)
  110. Church Maintenance (CE | wp gwp g)
  111. Ecclesiastical Commissions or Commissions, Ecclesiastical (CE | wp gwp g)
  112. The Children of Mary of the Sacred Heart or Children of Mary of the Sacred Heart, The (CE | wp gwp g)
  113. Catholic Congresses or Congresses, Catholic (CE | wp gwp g)
  114. Catholic Benevolent Legion (CE | wp gwp g)
  115. Pierre Chaignon or Chaignon, Pierre (CE | wp gwp g)
  116. Contemplative Life (CE | wp gwp g)
  117. Knowledge of Christ or Christ, Knowledge of (CE | wp gwp g)
  118. Captain (in the Bible) (CE | wp gwp g)
  119. Catholic Missionary Union (CE | wp gwp g)
  120. German Roman Catholic Central Verein of North America or Central Verein of North America, German Roman Catholic (CE | wp gwp g)
  121. Commemoration (in Liturgy) (CE | wp gwp g)
  122. Court (in Scripture) (CE | wp gwp g)


  1. Cashel (CE | wp gwp g) - Archdiocese just a section
  2. Chicoutimi (CE | wp gwp g) - town not diocese
  3. Diocese of Cali or Cali, Diocese of (CE | wp gwp g) -- Redirects to town
  4. Cap Haïtien (CE | wp gwp g) -- Needs article for diocese
  5. Diocese of Coimbatore or Coimbatore, Diocese of (CE | wp gwp g) -- Redirects to City
  6. Diocese of Cuzco or Cuzco, Diocese of (CE | wp gwp g) -- Redirects to Cusco
  7. Cassovia (CE | wp gwp g) -- links to town rather than diocese (now archdiocese)
  8. Chelm and Belz (CE | wp gwp g) - city not diocese, Eparchy of Kholm
  9. Curityba do Parana (CE | wp gwp g) - city not diocese
  10. Cuyabá (CE | wp gwp g) - City not diocese

Unverified blue links[edit]

  1. Mount Carmel or Carmel, Mount (CE | wp gwp g)-Links to disambiguation page
  2. Daniel Carroll or Carroll, Daniel (CE | wp gwp g)- not the same as in Wiki? There seems to be some genuine confusion about dates.
  3. Benedetto Castelli or Castelli, Benedetto (CE | wp gwp g)-birth and death dates differ
  4. Cedar (CE | wp gwp g)--no page for Cedar, son of Ishmael
  5. Ceremonial (CE | wp gwp g)-CE and Wiki are not the same!
  6. Chaldean Christians (CE | wp gwp g)-Not a specific article on Wiki...
  7. Chalice (CE | wp gwp g)--CE can be used more
  8. Chamberlain (CE | wp gwp g)-Specific CE article not found
  9. Chester (CE | wp gwp g)-- details of Marian diocese to add to WP
  10. Cheyenne (CE | wp gwp g)-CE about Cheyenne, Wyoming, Wiki about the Indian tribe.
  11. Henry Chichele or Chichele, Henry (CE | wp gwp g)--dates differ between CE and Wiki
  12. Choir (CE | wp gwp g)--no Wiki page for Choir in Architecture
  13. Christian (CE | wp gwp g)--couldn't find the specific CE article..
  14. The Church or Church, The (CE | wp gwp g)-specific CE page not found
  15. Cibyra (CE | wp gwp g)-CE is about a see, Wiki about moths
  16. Cinna (CE | wp gwp g)--CE speaks of a see, Wiki speaks of a Roman name
  17. Clifton (CE | wp gwp g)-disagreements between CE and wiki
  18. Collegiate (CE | wp gwp g)--CE has the clerical meaning, wiki deals with the university one
  19. Saint Colman or Colman, Saint (CE | wp gwp g)--unable to find specific Wiki and CE pages
  20. Saint Columba or Columba, Saint (CE | wp gwp g)--too many other Columbas
  21. Saint Conan or Conan, Saint (CE | wp gwp g)--No specific Wiki page
  22. Council of Constantinople or Constantinople, Council of (CE | wp gwp g)--separate entry on specific wiki page
  23. Councils of Constantinople or Constantinople, Councils of (CE | wp gwp g)--no specific wiki page
  24. Councils of Constantinople or Constantinople, Councils of (CE | wp gwp g)-no specific wiki page
  25. Capsa (CE | wp gwp g)
  26. Caquetá (CE | wp gwp g)-The article needs expansion, but unknown if CE can be used
  27. Rémi Ceillier or Ceillier, Rémi (CE | wp gwp g)--dates differ between CE and Wiki
  28. Council of Constantinople or Constantinople, Council of (CE | wp gwp g) -- Links to disambig, not the oriental council
  29. Cedes (CE | wp gwp g) - Two cities
  30. Ceremony (CE | wp gwp g) - CE far more specific than WP article
  31. Cabasa (CE | wp gwp g) -- CE on titular see, WP on musical instrument
  32. Reform of the Calendar or Calendar, Reform of the (CE | wp gwp g) -- More specific in CE
  33. Callipolis (CE | wp gwp g) - separate article for titular see?
  34. Candlesticks (CE | wp gwp g) -- article on liturgical use
  35. Canelos and Macas (CE | wp gwp g) -- Goes to Pastaza Province
  36. Councils of Carthage or Carthage, Councils of (CE | wp gwp g) -- CE links to 418 council, WP to councils
  37. Castile and Aragon (CE | wp gwp g) - links to Habsburg Spain
  38. Children of Mary (CE | wp gwp g) -- Separate article needed for Children of Mary
  39. Cistercians in the British Isles (CE | wp gwp g) -- Needs specific article
  40. Industrial Conciliation or Conciliation, Industrial (CE | wp gwp g) - article on Catholic ideas on Industrialism may be a good idea
  41. Coptic Literature (CE | wp gwp g) - Specific article on literature, not language
  42. Coracesium (CE | wp gwp g) - goes to province
  43. Claudiopolis (CE | wp gwp g) - article needed for titular see
  44. Cocussus (CE | wp gwp g) - need article for titular see
  45. Liturgical Use of Creed or Creed, Liturgical Use of (CE | wp gwp g) - may need more specific article
  46. Curubis (CE | wp gwp g) - CE to titular see, WP to spider
  47. Chrysopolis (CE | wp gwp g) - directs to different Chrysopolis
  48. Cronan (CE | wp gwp g) - number of biographies, should have separate articles
  49. Concelebration (CE | wp gwp g)
  50. William Cassidy (journalist) or Cassidy, William (CE | wp gwp g)
  51. Concursus (CE | wp gwp g) - exam in CE, redirects to Interpleader - an action in equity
  52. Castabala (CE | wp gwp g) - WP on moth, CE on titular see
  53. Convent Schools (Great Britain) (CE | wp gwp g) - WP goes to a more general article
  54. Early Roman Christian Cemeteries or Cemeteries, Early Roman Christian (CE | wp gwp g) - CE article deals with individual cemeteries each worthy of own WP article
  55. Character of Christ or Christ, Character of (CE | wp gwp g) - WP article a collection of criticisms on Christ's character
  56. Early Historical Documents on Christ or Christ, Early Historical Documents on (CE | wp gwp g) - WP article on debate of the historical existence of Christ