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Asian American Literature Festival Edit-a-thon

2019 Asian American Literature Festival.jpg

Join us for the Asian American Literature Festival Edit-a-thon and help to improve or create Wikipedia articles about Asian American writers.

New to editing Wikipedia? Don't worry - Training will be provided. Laptops are required. Please bring your own.


Sunday, August 4 2019 11am - 3pm


Eaton Hotel
1201 K St NW
Washington, DC 20005


This event is open to attendees of the 2019 Asian American Literature Festival.

Please sign in[edit]

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1) Select 'Sign in'
2) Scroll down on the page that follows and click 'Publish changes' or 'Save changes'.
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TO AVOID EDITING THE SAME ARTICLES AS OTHER ATTENDEES, please use the Etherpad link below to share what you are currently editing. Remember to type 'Done' or 'Finished' when you are through making changes. REMEMBER TO PUBLISH (SAVE) OFTEN.

Etherpad - Asian American Literature Festival Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Suggested Article Work List[edit]

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Asian/Pacific American writers or awardees/winners/honorees without Wikipedia articles[edit]

Wikidata worklist using TABernacle

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This list is automatically generated from data in Wikidata and is periodically updated by Listeriabot.
Edits made within the list area will be removed on the next update!

name image description sex or gender date of birth date of death occupation item
Q20512351 on Wikidata male 1865 1919-03-25 contributing editor Q20512351
Mkrtich Barkhudaryan Q16393671 on Wikidata 19th century literary scholar male 1862 1927 literary scholar
contributing editor
Lau Sing Kee Q105314097 on Wikidata American soldier and immigration broker male 1895 1967-06-03 soldier
travel agent
community leader
Victorio A. Velasco Q105414850 on Wikidata (circa 1903-1968); Filipino American community leader, journalist, cannery worker, labor leader, poet male 1903 1968 journalist
manual worker
trade unionist
Pոrոs Ésapaljan Q21211545 on Wikidata male 1910-01-14 1973-10-30 linguist Q21211545
Jimmie Earl Quon Q105082984 on Wikidata Chinese-American civil engineer male 1934-04-13 1981-04-13 university teacher
civil engineer
Charles Kikuchi Q105398463 on Wikidata American writer known for The Kikuchi Diary male 1916-01-18 1988-09-24 writer
Mental Health Social Worker
Nupar Akishyan Q20511997 on Wikidata male 1934-04-15 1994-01-19 prosaist
opinion journalist
Henry M. Hattori Q56514553 on Wikidata American administrative academic male 1918-04-05 2002-04-30 academic administrator Q56514553
Anastasia Moreno Q47105407 on Wikidata American translator, mangaka female 2015 translator Q47105407
Nasim Najafi Aghdam Q51380223 on Wikidata Iranian American animal right's activist, YouTuber, vegan and bodybuilder female 1979-04-05 2018-04-03 activist
Vikram Jandhyala Q99519937 on Wikidata Electrical engineer, electrical engineering professor male 1972-01-04 2019-02-28 electrical engineer
university teacher
Sonia Shirakian Blackwell Q87759044 on Wikidata American translator and journalist female 1928-02-22 2020-03-03 translator
Tadashi Tsufura Q93146061 on Wikidata victim of the coronavirus pandemic male 1930-09-17 2020-03-29 head teacher
chemical engineer
Kimarlee Nguyen Q95887363 on Wikidata victim of the COVID-19 pandemic: Writer who inspired her Brooklyn high school students. female 1986-05-06 2020-04-05 teacher
Lillian Kimura Q95886743 on Wikidata victim of the COVID-19 pandemic: Was 13 during World War II when she and her family were incarcerated at Manzanar. female 1929-04-07 2020-04-23 activist
Lane Ryo Hirabayashi Q64734873 on Wikidata American anthopologist male 1952-10-17 2020-08-08 anthropologist Q64734873
Kay Rush Q3814080 on Wikidata
Presentatori Festival di Sanremo 1988.jpg
American journalist and disc jockey female 1961-01-06 journalist
disc jockey
radio personality
Edward Jilozian Q5343767 on Wikidata author and legal activist male 1982-10-11 author
Jackie Wang Q6046166 on Wikidata writer, poet and musician female 1972-01-26 poet
Rick Bayan Q7331229 on Wikidata American writer male 1950-01-27 writer Q7331229
Q12596488 on Wikidata
Park Kyeong-sin cropped.jpg
American academic male 1971-01-05 academic Q12596488
Ken Mochizuki Q15630523 on Wikidata writer, journalist, and actor male 1954
Armen Sevada Gharabegian Q22226811 on Wikidata male novelist
furniture designer
Paula Yoo Q23306396 on Wikidata producer and writer female television producer
Sandip Roy Q25189359 on Wikidata Indian English-language author and commentator for USA media male 19th century writer
Timothy Yu Q40896953 on Wikidata Chinese American writer male No/unknown value poet
non-fiction writer
Eugenia Leigh Q54617757 on Wikidata
Eugenia leigh 5047702.JPG
Korean American poet female poet Q54617757
W. Todd Kaneko Q55713564 on Wikidata poet male poet
Jay Deshpande Q55713616 on Wikidata poet male poet Q55713616
Michael James Tamondong Q56605327 on Wikidata
Michael James Tamondong.jpg
Filipino American athlete, volleyball player, athletic shoe fit specialist, influencer, motivator, personal trainer, bodybuilding, and fitness enthusiast. male 1977-06-14 film director
film producer
film editor
personal trainer
David Woo Q60683857 on Wikidata poet male poet Q60683857
Magda Harout Q62545437 on Wikidata female 1926-04-22 actor
Aria Aber Q64733025 on Wikidata Afghan German American poet Q64733025
George Abraham Q64733076 on Wikidata Palestinian-American Poet, Activist male poet
Helene Achanzar Q64733088 on Wikidata American poet Q64733088
Nawaaz Ahmed Q64733267 on Wikidata Tamil American writer Q64733267
Jordan Alam Q64733590 on Wikidata American writer Q64733590
Jaylee Alde Q64733681 on Wikidata American poet Q64733681
Kimberly Alidio Q64733971 on Wikidata American writer female Q64733971
Anna Alves Q64734034 on Wikidata American writer Q64734034
Lisa Ascalon Q64734152 on Wikidata American poet Q64734152
Roberto Ascalon Q64734188 on Wikidata American writer Q64734188
Paul Asta Q64734535 on Wikidata Korean American poet male Q64734535
Thirii Myo Kyaw Myint Q64734802 on Wikidata writer female writer Q64734802
YZ Chin Q64734803 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734803
Sharmila Sen Q64734804 on Wikidata Indian-American writer female writer Q64734804
Mary-Kim Arnold Q64734805 on Wikidata writer female writer Q64734805
Adib Khorram Q64734806 on Wikidata writer male writer Q64734806
Mae Respicio Q64734809 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734809
Minh Lê Q64734810 on Wikidata
Minh Le 5182873.jpg
writer male 1979 writer Q64734810
Betty Quan Q64734811 on Wikidata writer female writer Q64734811
Karen M. Inouye Q64734817 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734817
Susan Tan Q64734818 on Wikidata writer female writer Q64734818
Andrea Wang Q64734819 on Wikidata writer female writer Q64734819
Barbara Kawakami Q64734821 on Wikidata writer female writer Q64734821
Hyewon Yum Q64734823 on Wikidata writer female writer Q64734823
Haiming Liu Q64734824 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734824
Madeline Y. Hsu Q64734825 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734825
Valynne E. Maetani Q64734826 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734826
Marilyn Hilton Q64734832 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734832
Jane Bahk Q64734833 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734833
Robert Ji-Song Ku Q64734834 on Wikidata writer male writer Q64734834
Matt Faulkner Q64734835 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734835
Kristie Hammond Q64734836 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734836
Rich Lo Q64734838 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734838
Cindy I-Fen Cheng Q64734839 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734839
Cecilia M. Tsu Q64734840 on Wikidata writer female writer Q64734840
Josanne La Valley Q64734847 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734847
Rick Baldoz Q64734848 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734848
Keshni Kashyap Q64734850 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734850
Ryan Inzana Q64734851 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734851
Hildi Kang Q64734852 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734852
R. Kikuo Johnson Q64734853 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734853
Joan Schoettler Q64734855 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734855
Anne O'Brien Sibley Q64734856 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734856
Ying-Ying Chang Q64734857 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734857
Shafiqur Rahman Q64734860 on Wikidata writer and academic male writer
Holly Thompson Q64734861 on Wikidata writer female writer Q64734861
Wendy Wan-Long Shang Q64734862 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734862
Sheela Chari Q64734863 on Wikidata writer female writer Q64734863
F. Zia Q64734864 on Wikidata writer female writer Q64734864
Yunte Huang Q64734865 on Wikidata writer male writer Q64734865
Neela Vaswani Q64734866 on Wikidata writer female 1974 writer
N. H. Senzai Q64734867 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734867
Barbara Bazaldua Q64734868 on Wikidata writer female writer Q64734868
Mitali Perkins Q64734869 on Wikidata Indian-American writer female writer
Ann Malaspina Q64734870 on Wikidata writer female 1957 writer Q64734870
Roseanne Thong Q64734871 on Wikidata writer female writer Q64734871
Dorina K. Lazo Gilmore Q64734874 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734874
Malathi Michelle Iyengar Q64734875 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734875
Ching Yeung Russell Q64734876 on Wikidata writer 1945 writer Q64734876
Mark Reibstein Q64734878 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734878
Kashmira Sheth Q64734880 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734880
Many Ly Q64734881 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734881
Jean Pfaelzer Q64734882 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734882
Linda Furiya Q64734883 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734883
Kelly Easton Q64734884 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734884
John Hamamura Q64734886 on Wikidata writer male writer Q64734886
Anne Sibley O'Brien Q64734887 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734887
Yin Q64734888 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734888
Frederick Lipp Q64734889 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734889
Tim Myer Q64734890 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734890
T. C. Huo Q64734892 on Wikidata writer writer Q64734892
Marie Avetria Q64735001 on Wikidata American writer Q64735001
Hossannah Asuncion Q64735073 on Wikidata Filipino American writer Q64735073
Cristiana Baik Q64735208 on Wikidata American writer Q64735208
Jason Bayani Q64735222 on Wikidata Filipino American writer male poet
Tamiko Beyer Q64735232 on Wikidata American writer Q64735232
Kevin Bi Q64736334 on Wikidata American writer Q64736334
Stephen Bor Q64736349 on Wikidata American writer Q64736349
F. Douglas Brown Q64736360 on Wikidata American poet Q64736360
Bethany Carlson Q64736680 on Wikidata Korean American writer Q64736680
Rammel Chan Q64736764 on Wikidata American writer Q64736764
Wo Chan Q64736941 on Wikidata
Wo chan 7271365.jpg
Fujianese American poet male poet Q64736941
Michelle Chan Brown Q64737101 on Wikidata
Michelle chan brown3291790.JPG
writer female Q64737101
Elysha Chang Q64748833 on Wikidata American writer Q64748833
Bonnie Chau Q64748853 on Wikidata American writer Q64748853
Andy Chen Q64748858 on Wikidata American writer Q64748858
Chen Chen Q64748864 on Wikidata Chinese American writer Q64748864
Evan Chen Q64748935 on Wikidata American writer Q64748935
Karissa Chen Q64748939 on Wikidata American writer Q64748939
Jennifer S. Cheng Q64748942 on Wikidata American writer female Q64748942
Shamala Gallagher Q64748946 on Wikidata
Shamala gallagher 7281465.jpg
Indian Irish American writer Q64748946
Suman Chhabra Q64748951 on Wikidata American writer Q64748951
Arhm Choi Wild Q64759698 on Wikidata American writer Q64759698
Serena Chopra Q64759756 on Wikidata American writer Q64759756
Shayok Misha Chowdhury Q64759764 on Wikidata Bengali American writer director Q64759764
Catherine Flora Con Q64759802 on Wikidata Chinese American writer female Q64759802
Monica Datta Q64759918 on Wikidata American writer Q64759918
Duy Ba Doan Q64760025 on Wikidata Vietnamese American poet male poet Q64760025
J.T. Dulani Q64760046 on Wikidata American writer Q64760046
Renee Dwyer Q64760050 on Wikidata American writer Q64760050
Joan Dy Q64760087 on Wikidata American writer Q64760087
Marlon Esguerra Q64760093 on Wikidata Filipino American writer Q64760093
Jennifer Crystal Fang-Chien Q64760176 on Wikidata Asian American writer female Q64760176
Alicia Fuhrman Q64760193 on Wikidata American writer Q64760193
Moeko Fujii Q64760197 on Wikidata Japanese writer Q64760197
William Giles Q64760282 on Wikidata Samoan American writer male poet Q64760282
Rachel Gray Q64764627 on Wikidata American poet Q64764627
Cynthia Gunadi Q64764634 on Wikidata American writer and architect Q64764634
Kathryn Hargett Q64764648 on Wikidata American poet female Q64764648
Samiah Haque Q64764650 on Wikidata Bangladeshi-American poet Q64764650
April Naoko Heck Q64764657 on Wikidata Japanese American writer female 1971 Q64764657
Carolyn Ho Q64764660 on Wikidata American writer Q64764660
Jean Chen Ho Q64764662 on Wikidata Korean American writer Q64764662
Tiffanie Hoang Q64764667 on Wikidata Vietnamese American poet Q64764667
Dan Hong Q64764669 on Wikidata American writer Q64764669
Christine Shan Shan Hou Q64764753 on Wikidata American writer Q64764753
Vanessa Huang Q64767834 on Wikidata American writer Q64767834
Vt Hung Q64767967 on Wikidata Vietnamese American writer Q64767967
Evelyn Ibarra Q64767980 on Wikidata American writer Q64767980
Zahir Janmohamed Q64767990 on Wikidata American writer Q64767990
Laura Jew Q64767992 on Wikidata American writer Q64767992
Meng Jin Q64767995 on Wikidata
MENG JIN 1271030 - Edited (49452740603).jpg
American writer Q64767995
Hanae Jonas Q64768001 on Wikidata American poet Q64768001
Subhashini Kaligotla Q64768026 on Wikidata American writer Q64768026
Min K. Kang Q64768091 on Wikidata Korean American writer Q64768091
Yuzun Kang Q64768357 on Wikidata American writer Q64768357
Mark L. Keats Q64768482 on Wikidata American writer Q64768482
Rathanak Keo Q64768501 on Wikidata Cambodian-American writer and photographer Q64768501
Adrian Khactu Q64768649 on Wikidata American writer Q64768649
Bushra Rehman Q64779911 on Wikidata Pakistani American novelist and poet female 1939 poet
Sejal Shah Q64779970 on Wikidata Indian American writer female writer
Ronaldo V. Wilson Q64780399 on Wikidata American writer male Q64780399
Eddie Kim Q64785165 on Wikidata Korean American writer Q64785165
Yume Kim Q64785304 on Wikidata American writer Q64785304
E. J. Koh Q64785367 on Wikidata Korean American writer Q64785367
Hyejung Kook Q64785404 on Wikidata Korean American writer Q64785404
Lo Kwa Mei-en Q64785412 on Wikidata Singaporean American poet writer Q64785412
Sam Lai Q64785427 on Wikidata Korean American writer Q64785427
Amy Lam Q64785522 on Wikidata American writer and editor Q64785522
Chi Lam Q64785534 on Wikidata American writer Q64785534
Kien Lam Q64785538 on Wikidata American writer Q64785538
Alvin Lau Q64785548 on Wikidata American slam poet Q64785548
Dan Lau Q64785554 on Wikidata Chinese American poet Q64785554
Iris Law Q64785564 on Wikidata American poet and editor Q64785564
Esther Lee Q64785582 on Wikidata American poet and editor Q64785582
Grace Jahng Lee Q64785588 on Wikidata
Grace jahng lee 7281475.jpg
American writer female writer Q64785588
Lisa Lee Q64785650 on Wikidata American writer female Q64785650
Junno Lee Q64785774 on Wikidata American writer Q64785774
Katherine J Lee Q64785793 on Wikidata American writer female Q64785793
Henry W. Leung Q64785861 on Wikidata Chinese American writer Q64785861
Jane Lin Q64785945 on Wikidata American writer and engineer Q64785945
Michelle Lin Q64785953 on Wikidata Asian American writer Q64785953
Willie Lin Q64786094 on Wikidata American writer Q64786094
Kenji C. Liu Q64786104 on Wikidata American writer Q64786104
Angie Sijun Lou Q64789105 on Wikidata American writer Q64789105
Phayvanh Luekhamhan Q64789414 on Wikidata Laotian American writer Q64789414
Jennifer Lue Q64790697 on Wikidata American writer female Q64790697
Janice Luo Q64790797 on Wikidata American poet Q64790797
Rona Luo Q64790911 on Wikidata American writer Q64790911
Ngoc Luu Q64790960 on Wikidata American writer Q64790960
Shireen Piroja Madon Q64790965 on Wikidata American writer Q64790965
Mia Ayumi Malhotra Q64790978 on Wikidata American writer Q64790978
Noel Pabillo Mariano Q64791016 on Wikidata American writer Q64791016
Amy Meng Q64791198 on Wikidata American poet and editor Q64791198
Edmond Menchavez Q64791645 on Wikidata American writer Q64791645
Andie Millares Q64792723 on Wikidata American writer Q64792723
Alison Minami Q64793056 on Wikidata American writer Q64793056
Feliz Lucia Molina Q64793333 on Wikidata Filpino American writer Q64793333
Ansley Moon Q64796708 on Wikidata Indian American writer Q64796708
Timothy Moore Q64796767 on Wikidata American writer Q64796767
Sonia Mukherji Q64796780 on Wikidata Indian American writer Q64796780
Sahar Muradi Q64796808 on Wikidata Afghan American writer Q64796808
Heather Nagami Q64796814 on Wikidata Japanese American writer female Q64796814
Mika Nagasaki Q64796830 on Wikidata American writer Q64796830
Shankar Narayan Q64796840 on Wikidata Indian American writer Q64796840
Jeevan Narney Q64796882 on Wikidata American writer Q64796882
Vani Natarajan Q64796895 on Wikidata South Asian American writer Q64796895
Danny T. Nguyen Q64805017 on Wikidata Vietnamese American writer and editor Q64805017
Hong-Thao Nguyen Q64808947 on Wikidata Vietnamese American poet Q64808947
Joshua Nguyen Q64808964 on Wikidata Vietnamese American poet Q64808964
Nhu Xuan Nguyen Q64809035 on Wikidata Vietnamese American poet Q64809035
Linda Oh Q64809384 on Wikidata American writer Q64809384
Monica Ong Reed Q64809602 on Wikidata Filipino American wriiter Q64809602
Troy Osaki Q64809782 on Wikidata Filipino Japanese American writer Q64809782
Janine Oshiro Q64809982 on Wikidata American writer Q64809982
Rumit Pancholi Q64810210 on Wikidata American writer Q64810210
Alison Roh Park Q64810422 on Wikidata American writer Q64810422
Diana Park Q64810598 on Wikidata Asian American writer female Q64810598
Soham Patel Q64810952 on Wikidata American writer and editor Q64810952
Amisha Patel Q64811438 on Wikidata Indian American writer Q64811438
Michelle Peñaloza Q64811450 on Wikidata American writer Q64811450
Ploi Pirapokin Q64811553 on Wikidata Thai American writer Q64811553
Bel Poblador Q64811954 on Wikidata American writer and editor Q64811954
Jai Arun Ravine Q64812656 on Wikidata Thai American writer Q64812656
Rachna Reddy Q64813346 on Wikidata American writer Q64813346
Pepe Remolona Q64813568 on Wikidata American writer Q64813568
Jake Ricafrente Q64813573 on Wikidata Filipino American writer Q64813573
Jess Rizkallah Q64813671 on Wikidata Lebanese-American writer Q64813671
Mg Roberts Q64814020 on Wikidata Filipino American writer Q64814020
Melissa Roxas Q64814174 on Wikidata Filipino American writer activist Q64814174
Viplav Saini Q64819785 on Wikidata Indian American writer and economics professor Q64819785
Brynn Saito Q64819804 on Wikidata Korean American and Japanese American writer Q64819804
Christopher Santiago Q64819807 on Wikidata Filipino American writer male Q64819807
Janice Lobo Sapigao Q64819812 on Wikidata Filipino American writer Q64819812
Nicky Sa-eun Schildkraut Q64819823 on Wikidata Korean-American writer Q64819823
Nay Saysourinho Q64819877 on Wikidata Laotian Canadian writer Q64819877
Leah Shlachter Q64819894 on Wikidata American writer Q64819894
William Pei Shih Q64820002 on Wikidata American writer male Q64820002
Candy Shue Q64820011 on Wikidata American writer Q64820011
Leah Silvieus Q64820020 on Wikidata Korean American writer Q64820020
Melissa R. Sipin Q64820025 on Wikidata American writer Q64820025
Angela So Q64820352 on Wikidata Cambodian American writer Q64820352
Monica Sok Q64820481 on Wikidata Cambodian American poet Q64820481
Jaz Sufi Q64820714 on Wikidata American slam poet Q64820714
Sharon Suzuki-Martinez Q64820996 on Wikidata American writer Q64820996
Shruti Swamy Q64820999 on Wikidata American writer Q64820999
Megan Tabaque Q64821001 on Wikidata American playwright Q64821001
Lucy Tan Q64822080 on Wikidata Chinese American writer Q64822080
Inez Tan Q64822089 on Wikidata Singaporean American writer Q64822089
Kenneth Tanemura Q64822104 on Wikidata Japanese American writer Q64822104
Elizabeth Tran Q64822115 on Wikidata American writer Q64822115
Nghiem Tran Q64822119 on Wikidata Vietnamese American poet Q64822119
Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai Q64822139 on Wikidata Chinese Taiwanese American poet Q64822139
Kristine Uyeda Q64822146 on Wikidata American writer Q64822146
Yael Villafranca Q64822221 on Wikidata American poet and activist Q64822221
Elaine Wang Q64830313 on Wikidata American writer and photographer Q64830313
Doreen Wang Q64830332 on Wikidata Taiwanese American writer Q64830332
Annie Won Q64830348 on Wikidata Korean American writer and illustrated Q64830348
Angela Veronica Wong Q64830352 on Wikidata American writer Q64830352
Gein Wong Q64830359 on Wikidata American writer Q64830359
Ryan Lee Wong Q64830387 on Wikidata Filipino American writer Q64830387
Shelley Wong Q64830424 on Wikidata American writer Q64830424
Yim Tan Wong Q64830436 on Wikidata American writer Q64830436
Emily Yamauchi Q64830487 on Wikidata Vietnamese American writer Q64830487
George Yamazawa, Jr. Q64830496 on Wikidata Japanese American poet male Q64830496
Andre Yang Q64830503 on Wikidata American writer Q64830503
Debbie Yee Q64830517 on Wikidata American writer and lawyer Q64830517
Sandra M. Yee Q64830526 on Wikidata American writer female Q64830526
Young Eun Yook Q64830533 on Wikidata Korean American writer Q64830533
Katherine Hyoejin Yoon Q64830541 on Wikidata American writer female Q64830541
Jessica Yuan Q64830570 on Wikidata Chinese-American poet. Q64830570
Ishle Yi Park Q64878455 on Wikidata Asian American poet and singer poet Q64878455
Myunghee Cho Paik Q64965623 on Wikidata researcher female researcher Q64965623
Kyle Lucia Wu Q65007812 on Wikidata
Kyle lucia wu 7281454.jpg
American writer female writer Q65007812
Meera Nair Q65631484 on Wikidata Indian-American writer female 1963 writer Q65631484
Luis H. Francia Q65632174 on Wikidata Filipino American poet Q65632174
Christina Chiu Q65632498 on Wikidata Asian American writer female Q65632498
Shing Yin Khor Q66266414 on Wikidata Malaysian-American cartoonist and installation artist artist
comics writer
comics artist
Maggie Greene Q71603900 on Wikidata American video game journalist female video game journalist
assistant professor
Chung K Chu Q87701895 on Wikidata researcher male 1941-05-18 researcher Q87701895
Nihit Pokhrel Q87702016 on Wikidata computational chemist female computational chemist Q87702016
David Ung Q90700966 on Wikidata American inorganic chemist male 1992-09-09 inorganic chemist Q90700966
Manka Varghese Q99456505 on Wikidata teacher educator female 1969-09-25 university teacher
teacher educator
Vasanti Saxena Q101535407 on Wikidata Asian American playwright and screenwriter female playwright
Devi S. Laskar Q104102488 on Wikidata American Fiction Writer female writer
David Yoon Q104150976 on Wikidata Young Adult Writer male writer
Sumyat Thu Q104234321 on Wikidata professor of writing female English teacher
university teacher
writing teacher
Christopher Waldo Q104253197 on Wikidata professor of classics male university teacher
classical scholar
End of auto-generated list.


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