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This was the 15th London Wikipedia meet-up on Sunday 9th November. We met for lunch again at the Penderel's Oak pub, Holborn WC1 at 1pm.

The next London meetup will be taking place on Sunday 14th December. For more info, see Wikipedia:Meetup/London 16.


This is the original sign up list, which may or may not reflect who actually turned up (feel free to adjust the list if you were there)

Topics of discussion included ArbCom elections, the bad coverage of law on Wikipedia and the reasoning behind it (determined to be 1) it is almost impossible to present a worldwide view of some legal concepts and 2) the people who know about law are lawyers and lecturers, and when you've spent eight hours applying the damn thing you're in no mood to write about it when you get home), Ironholds trying to explain the concept of mens rea to the (unlucky) one person at the table without legal training (and cocking it up), the succession policy should the Prime Minister be removed unexpectedly and various other concepts in British politics and postgrad studies at Cambridge. Discussion of Law led to List of demons being discussed, particularly in terms of some of the odder additions that list had seen come and go, discussion subsequently moved online and the article was renamed and split.

Looks like fun? For the next London meetup, see Wikipedia:Meetup/London 16.