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Velkommen! This is a notice board for Norwegian Wikipedians, Wikipedians living in Norway, and anyone else interested in Norway-related topics. Here we may suggest topics or articles in need of expansion, discussing English terminology, common projects, ask questions, or anything else related to Norway, Norwegian things, or of interest for Norwegian editors.

If there is anything you wonder about regarding Wikipedia or this notice board, don't hesitate to ask on the talk page. Also, major structural changes to the notice board should be discussed at the talk page first. Note that this page is modelled on other similar pages; see the Swedish notice board for tips on use and formats.

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Things you can do

  • Create Norway-related articles

1994 Nobel Peace Prize Jacob Christian Bie, Johan Bertrand Narvesen, Olaf Gulbrandsson, Samuel Conrad Schwach, Agathon Bartholomæus Hansteen, Sylvester Sivertson, Sivert Aarflot, Jan Erik Aalbu, Terje Kalheim, Ebba Wergeland, Hilde Bojer, Wenche Fossen, Sjelens Sang-Offer, Sør-Gjæslingan Sennalandet Vælern more…

Building and structure stubs, Company stubs, Football club stubs, Geography stubs, History stubs, Musical group stubs, People stubs, more...

Egil Børre Johnsen, Larkollen, Olav Nordrå, Reinsvoll, Segalstad bru, Kaj Skagen, Johan Bernhard Hjort, more...

Jan Frode Andersen, Jan Eggum, Arve Moen Bergset, Gro Schibsted Sandvik, Egil Hegerberg, more...

  • Tag the talk pages of Norway-related articles with the {{WikiProject Norway}} banner. See this page for newly created articles related to Norway.
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Pages listed on Articles for deletion[edit]

(See also WikiProject Deletion sorting/Norway)

Suggestions and requests[edit]

Verification requests[edit]

Requested articles (to be created)[edit]

When creating an article from this list, please try to provide some more information than what the person looking up the topic can be expected to already know. In general, try to submit two or three paragraphs, or at least five sentences of main text.

References pointing to the source of the information must be provided. The article should be put in the appropriate categories.






Carl Agthe, Torgeir Alvsaker, Peter Arnet Amundsen, Theodor August Amundsen, Christian Fredrik Arbo, Michael Smith Arentz, Eilif Arneberg, Frithjof Aslesen, Herman Major Backer, Lars Thalian Backer, Niels Knudsen Bay, Bredo Henrik Berntsen, Halfdan Berle, Henrik Hansen Biørn, Samuel Borgfelt, Olaf Boye, Helge Brat, Mathias Nicolai Brække, Eduard Carlén, Ivar Cock, Henry Fearnley Coll, Alfred Christian Dahl, Wilhelm Darger, Oskar Dehkes, Arne Eide, Ove Ekman, Einar Engelstad, Wilhelm Essendrop, Ditlev Gunnerus Evjen, Jens L. P. Flor, Julius Johannessen Foseid, Balthazar Nicolay Garben, Friderich Christopher Gedde, Hans Christopher von Gedde, Carl Friedrich Gerhardt, Frithjof Grann-Meyer, Øivin Berg Grimnes, Hans Grønneberg, Johan Martinius Grøstad, Gustav Lorentz Gulbrandsen, Sigurd Reidolph Gulbransen, Rudolf Haeselich, Søren Ingvald Hansen, Georges Heinecke, Gerhard Røed Henriksen, Halvor Heyerdahl, Georg Fredrik Wilhelm Hanstein, Oscar Hoff, Friedrich Wilhelm Holland, Otto Holm, Fin Horn, Alf Hurum, Karl Henrik Høie, Olav Ingstad, Olaf Bertram Tordenskjold Johnsen, Heinrich Jürgensen, Heinrich Joachim Sebastian Karsten, Gustav Blom Kielland, Finn Knudsen, Carl Konopka, Paul Kristensen, Emil Krog, Alfred Køhn, Hans Hansen Kaas, Gustav Adolph Lammers, Anders Gustaf Larson, Anders Henrik Lenschow, Asmus Lenschow, Stener Johannes Lenschow, Marius Arnold Diem Finstad Leyell, Karl Johan Anselm Liljeström, Hans Christian Lind, Ferdinand Linthoe, Christian Linthoe, Peter Lauritz Lowzow, Johan Fredrich Lühr, Waldemar Ferdinand Lühr, Henrik Lynneberg, Christian Herman Malling, Carl Michalsen, Christian von Munthe af Morgenstierne, Matheus Sigvardt Mosgaard, Johan Storm Munch (architect), Erling Willi Nielsen, Syver Nielsen, Henrik Nissen, Jr., Victor Nordan, Ernst Robarth Dalin Norgrenn, Ivar Næss, Hans Olsen (architect), Harald Olsen, Eilert O. Paulsen, Fredrik Pettersen, Johan Nathanael Ramm, Nils Reiersen, Christian Reuter (architect), Kristen Rivertz, Frederik Wilhelm Schenke, Günther Schüssler, Hagbarth Schytte-Berg, Egil Selmer, Einar Smith, Lars Solberg, Hans Jacob Sparre, Harald Krogh Stabell, Bernhard Steckmest, Ole Eriksen Stein, Halfdan Strøm (architect), Fredrik Christian Sundt, Ole Andreas Sverre, Hans Friderich Thams, Nestor Georgius Thomassen, Jens Kristian Thune, August Tidemand, Emil von Trepka, Morten Wagle, Johannes Thorvaldsen Westbye, Søren Wiese-Opsahl, Albert Wille, Johannes Wücherpfennig, Haakon Ludwig Zapffe, Knud Øgreid, Carl Aaman, Ole Sofus Aasland

Tippeligaen squads 1995 - missing players






  • all bishops without articles



Requests listed in this section may belong somewhere else. Please help by moving them to a suitable location.

Requests for improvement/expansion[edit]

Requests for attention/review[edit]

Image requests[edit]

See Category:Wikipedia requested photographs in Norway and articles listed below.

Stub markers (templates)[edit]

Consider tagging very short Norway-related articles, with a Norway designated stub tag. For general Norway-stubs, write this {{Norway-stub}} at the bottom of the article. (All such articles are listed in Category:Norway stubs)

Norway-related resources/references[edit]

Our subpages[edit]


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List of participants[edit]

    • Seems to mostly be biographies about individuals related to Norway and World War II
  • Geschichte, 19 November 2005
    • I'll put this page on my watchlist and we'll see what happens.
    • Interests are almost everything Norway-related, minus theatre and most types of culture. Especially biographies (politicians, bureaucrats, media, religious leaders, businesspeople), but also organizations, institutions and geography. And in general; sports and history. I also do cleanup and categorization, and recognize the importance of referencing.
    • My goal is to help make Norway the fourth-best covered country in Wikipedia, after the US, the UK and Germany.
  • Sherool 16:09, 21 September 2005 (UTC)
    • Can't promise to be hugely active on this board, but I'll give it a shot.
  • Vindheim
    • If I have nothing else I want to do ....
  • WegianWarrior 12:47, 5 January 2006 (UTC)
    • Intrests are, among others, weapons, warships, airplanes, history and so on and so forth.
  • Wernher 13:55, 19 September 2005 (UTC)
    • General topics: history, language, etc
    • Particular interests: Nordmøre, WWII, tech history
  • Inge 22:58, 14 April 2006 (UTC)
    • Interests: History, military, vexillology and many others.
  • Williamborg (Bill) 03:06, 4 October 2006 (UTC)
    • Interests: Geography, history, and whatever else catches my fancy.
  • Orcaborealis
    • I have been pretty active adding to wikipedia, particularly everything related to geography, time to add myself here...
  • meco 07:32, 20 March 2007 (UTC)
    • I've been a prolific contributor to the bokmål Wikipedia for about a year, an endeavor that was aborted in the beginning of February of this year when I was banned, initially for three months, however, recently the ban was made permanent. The reason for this is my alleged unruly and undisciplined behavior which, again supposedly, is detrimental to the continuity and prosperity of this Wikipedia project. I shall not polemicize against this process, bar expressing my sentiment that this exclusion process from my perspective has had decidedly Kafkaesque traits.
    • But I have also made some considerable contributions to this Wikipedia, as I intend to continue doing.
    • My interests are focused on deep ontology and all other subjects issuing from the relationship between man and the divine.
  • Aqwis 11:19, 25 March 2008 (UTC)
    • Interests: Geography, history, art/architecture, transport
  • Arsenikk 15:16, 2 October 2008 (UTC)
    • Interests: Transport, politics, biographies, business, media, history, society etc