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Last updated: 07:49 21 September 2008 (UTC)

The worklists are typically a mixture of nearly all classes of article. (The number in front of the class is simply for sorting purposes incidentally.) How each article is reviewed depends on its class.

  • FA, A-Class and GA
  1. These are all community assessments so our role is not to re-evaluate them. Broadly, until the community has decided to review an article's class we accept the current class at face value.
  2. The aim is to publish a stable article so articles in these classes need to be checked for telltale templates:{{NPOV}}, {{Disputed}}, {{controversial}}, {{Unrefsec}} and so forth. Look also for evidence of edit-warring.
  3. If the article has no templates, the current version is okay for release. Paste a permanent link to the version you checked into the "Version Link" column.
  4. If the article does carry a template, please paste a link to the promoted version of the article into the "Version link" column of the worklist and that becomes the release version.
  • B-Class
  1. Any B-Class articles with templates should be marked "Remove? (+ reason)" in the "Comments" column of the worklist.
  2. Try to find an earlier stable version of the article and paste a permanent link to it into the "Version link" column.
  • Start-Class
  1. Check any Start-Class articles against the B-Class criteria (using the five-point Milhist checklist) and promote if applicable. (Here's link to the B-class FAQ.) Many have been improved since they were last assessed; you may also find some that have never been assessed.
  2. Articles which fail the B-Class criteria, or carry templates, should be marked "Replace? (+ reason)" in the "Comments" column of the worklist.
  3. Consider finding a replacement article. If you do this, simply add it as a comment under the worklist table below, linking to the article and giving brief reasons why it's a suitable replacement.
  • Notes:
Creating a permanent link: go to the preferred version of the article and click on obtain a "permanent link" in the Toolbox at the left side of the page. Then copy the permanent link – example : Foo : – into the "Version Link" column of the worklist table.
Promoted versions: these can be found in the talk page banner, usually in the "Article milestones" section.
  • Problems? Queries? FAQ?:
Please check the talk page first and/or raise them with the review coordinator/s.


Article Class Comments Version link
Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (talk) 4 (B) Borderlining Keep
Guerrilla warfare (talk) 4 (B) Remove (given size of article, in serious need of some refs)
Gulf War (talk) 4 (B) Remove (lots of tags for neutrality, factual accuracy, and citation. Poor citation density)
Gunpowder (talk) 4 (B) Keep
Gurkha (talk) 4 (B) Remove (almost no refs)
Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden (talk) 6 (start) Remove (no refs)
Hadrian's Wall (talk) 6 (start) Remove (no refs, and a "needs citations" tag)
Hamid Karzai (talk) 6 (start) Keep
Hand grenade (talk) 6 (start) Remove (few refs)
Handgun (talk) 6 (start) Remove (lack of refs)
Hannibal (talk) 4 (B) Keep
Hans-Joachim Marseille (talk) 2 (A) Definite Keep
Harold Godwinson (talk) 6 (start) Remove (cleanup tag, no refs)
Harry S. Truman (talk) 1 (FA) Definite Keep
Hawker Hurricane (talk) 4 (B) Remove (lack of refs)
Hawker Tempest (talk) 4 (B) Borderline Keep
Hawker Typhoon (talk) 4 (B) Remove (refs)
Heckler & Koch MP5 (talk) 6 (start) Remove (starts with "L", ends with "ack of refs")
Hector (talk) 6 (start) Remove (you guessed, it, lack of refs)
Heinkel He 111 (talk) 4 (B) Remove (refs. Is anyone else establishing a pattern here?)
Heinkel He 162 (talk) 4 (B) Remove (Citation Tag)
Heinrich Himmler (talk) 6 (start) Keep
Heinz Guderian (talk) 4 (B) Remove (I'll give you three guesses as to what it is. HINT: think Citations)
Helmet (talk) 6 (start) Definite Remove (refs, almost no military content)
Helmuth von Moltke the Elder (talk) 4 (B) Remove (no inline citations)