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WikiProject Policy and Guidelines
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WikiProject Policy and Guidelines is here to actively improve our policy and guideline pages. You can help! Join the effort by selecting one of the policies below, and look into current work being done.

One way to help involves making policy and guideline pages easier to understand, manage, and maintain. This can be done by making policy pages conform to the Content specifications. Two very reliable objective metrics for improvement are page size and policy count. Successfully reducing the size of a policy, without removing correct and substantive elements of that policy, is an improvement.

Note that this is not a project for discussing policy changes and improvements, but for actively improving policy. You should feel free to jump in and begin editing, wherever you can! Editing policy may involve some conflict, especially since clearer wording tends to highlight problems. You should be bold, but since your goal in cleaning up is not to push one interpretation or another, it's often more productive to back off from long, time-consuming discussions and let others take care of things - there are many policy pages that need cleanup.


For a record of general policy and guideline changes, see Wikipedia:Update.

Current drafts, proposals, and discussions can be listed on the project talk page.










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Policies This editor persistently does substantial policy cleanup.

After joining, feel free to add the user box to your user page: {{User WikiProject Policy}}.


WikiProject Policy and Guidelines    (Inactive)
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Emblem-important.svg See WP:PROPOSAL for Wikipedia's procedural policy on the creation of new guidelines and policies. See how to contribute to Wikipedia guidance for recommendations regarding the creation and updating of policy and guideline pages.

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