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Retro Gamer[edit]

Search the full Retro Gamer index at to find the relevant issue. User:Hahnchen has issues 1 - 80 available. Digital back issues are available to purchase at

Retro Gamer
Issue Year Month Features Contact
30 2006 November Commodore 64 feature, The Making of Exile (arcade adventure), SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash feature, The Making of It Came from the Desert, Company Profile - Tec Toy, Lode Runner timeline, Steve Ellis interview (Free Radical Design) Hahnchen
36 2007 April The Making of Banjo Kazooie, Company Profile - Sega Technical Institute, The Re-making of Streets of Rage (Streets of Rage Remake), Developer Lookback - Melbourne House Part 1, The Making of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Computer and Video Games (magazine) (1996 - 1999) feature, The Making of Pitfall!, WonderSwan feature, The Making of Armalyte, The Making of Turbo Esprit Hahnchen
37 2007 May Dragon 32 feature, The Making of Pitfall II: Lost Caverns, The Making of Jet Set Willy Online, Developer Lookback - Melbourne House Part 2, The Making of Final Fight, Wonder Boy feature, Virtua Fighter (series) feature, The Making of Thanatos, Ste Ruddy interview Hahnchen
39 2007 July The Making of Paperboy, Amiga 500 feature, The Making of Parallax, Company Profile - Thalamus Ltd, The Making of Putty, The Artwork of Computer and Video Games (magazine), The Making of Duke Nukem 3D, Developer Lookback - SNK (1990s), The Making of Lemmings, Ed Rotberg interview, The Making of Jetpac Refuelled Hahnchen
50 2008 May The House of the Dead (series) retrospective, The Making of Retro Gamer, The Complete History of Grand Theft Auto (series), The Making of Gunstar Heroes, Dreamcast feature, Roger Dean interview, The Making of The Great Giana Sisters Hahnchen
51 2008 June The Complete History of The Legend of Zelda (series), The Making of Crystal Castles, The Making of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, The Making of Contra 4, The Making of R-Type Delta, The Making of Stellar 7, The Making of Choplifter, Retroinspection - PC Engine GT, The classic game Dun Darach, Retro rated The King of Kong Davhorn, Hahnchen
52 2008 July The Complete History of Star Wars computer and video games (part 1), The Making of The King of Kong, The Making of Star Wars (1983 video game), The Making of Eye of the Beholder trilogy, The Making of Klax (video game), The Making of Ridge Racer, Retro Shamer Shaq Fu, The Classic Game Streets of Rage 2, Retroinspection Amstrad GX4000 Davhorn
139 2015 The1337gamer
140 2015 The1337gamer
142 2015 The1337gamer
143 2015 The1337gamer
144 2015 The1337gamer
145 2015 The1337gamer
146 2015 The1337gamer
147 2015 The1337gamer
148 2015 The1337gamer
149 2015 The1337gamer
151 2016 January Contents: [1] The1337gamer
152 2016 February The1337gamer
153 2016 March Contents: [2] The1337gamer
154 2016 April Contents: [3] The1337gamer
156 2016 May The1337gamer
156 2016 June Contents: [4] The1337gamer
157 2016 July Contents: [5] The1337gamer
158 2016 August Contents: [6] The1337gamer
159 2016 September Contents: [7] The1337gamer
160 2016 October Contents: [8] The1337gamer
161 2016 November The1337gamer
162 2016 December The1337gamer
163 The1337gamer
164 The1337gamer
165 The1337gamer
166 The1337gamer