William de Beaufeu

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William de Beaufeu
Bishop of Thetford
Appointed 25 December 1085
Term ended 1091
Predecessor Herfast
Successor Herbert de Losinga
Consecration 1086
Personal details
Died 1091
Denomination Catholic

William de Beaufeu[a][b] was a medieval Bishop of Thetford and a major landholder mentioned in the Domesday Book.[1]


William's land holdings were mainly in the county of Norfolk and Suffolk.[1] He was a royal clerk before he was nominated to the see of Thetford[2] on 25 December 1085 and consecrated in 1086. He died in 1091.[3] He was probably related to Richard de Beaufou Bishop of Avranches from 1134 to 1142.[4]


  1. ^ Sometimes William de Beaufai, William of Bello Fargo or William of Belfou
  2. ^ The place where the name comes from is probably fr:Beaufour (Normandy, now Calvados département) : Belfou 1040 - 1066, Bellafagus 1195 "beautiful beech-tree", confused later with another place-name (Orne département) Beaufai : Belfai 1092, De Bello Fayaco ar. 1345 "beautiful beech wood"


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Bishop of Thetford
Succeeded by
Herbert de Losinga