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Wilson Complex, viewed from a southbound train

Coordinates: 43°44′21″N 79°27′16″W / 43.73917°N 79.45444°W / 43.73917; -79.45444

Wilson Yard (also known as the Wilson Complex) is the largest of Toronto Transit Commission's three subway yards and bus garage. The subway yard services subway cars on the Yonge–University line. The facility is located on Transit Rd. north of Wilson Ave, in the former city of North York (now Toronto).

The 60-acre (240,000 m2) yard was completed in 1976 and began operations in 1977. The facility also houses a bus barn and maintenance facilities for subway cars.

Construction of a new training building, simulator and modifications to the car house and yard are currently being made to accommodate the new Toronto Rocket trains.[1]

Subway division facilities[edit]

Rolling stock[edit]

Wilson Yard is home to approximately half the commission's fleet of trains and work cars.[2] The yard regularly houses most of the new Toronto Rocket subway cars.

Bus division facilities[edit]

  • The 230,000-square-foot (21,000 m2) garage
  • 2 wash racks, 2 fuelling stations for diesel, 1 fuelling station for CNG
  • a Eurovac system
  • 11 40-foot hoists, 3 60-foot hoists
  • 4 inspection pit stations

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