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WinEdt logo.png
Developer(s)Aleksander Simonic
Stable release
10.3 [Build: 20180507] / 07 May 2018
Operating systemWindows

WinEdt is a shareware Unicode (UTF-8) editor and shell for Microsoft Windows. It is primarily used for the creation of TeX (or LaTeX) documents, but can also be used to edit HTML or any other type of text file. It can be configured to run as a front-end for a variety of TeX systems, including MiKTeX, fpTeX and TeX Live. WinEdt's highlighting schemes can be customized for different modes and its spell checking functionality supports multi-lingual setups, with dictionaries (word-lists) for many languages available for downloading from WinEdt's Community Site. It supports DVI and PDF workflow.



WinEdt was developed by Aleksander Simonic in 1993 for Windows 3.1. It was uploaded to CTAN in 1995 as shareware for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. Version 5.6 runs well on Windows XP and Vista. Version 6.0 was released for Windows 2000, XP and 7 on March 17, 2010. Since version 8.0 32- and 64-bit binaries are provided.

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  • Kopka, Helmut; Daly, Patrick W. (November 2003). Guide to LaTeX (4th edt. ed.). Addison-Wesley. ISBN 0-321-17385-6. for windows, the two editor programs mentioned in Section 1.6.2, Winshell and WinEdt, can be highly recommended.

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