China Xinhua News Network Corporation

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China Xinhua News Network Corporation
Television network,
Satellite television and
Cable television
IndustryTelevision Broadcasting
FoundedDecember 31, 2009
HeadquartersBeijing, China
Area served
Key people
Li Congjun(President)
He Ping (Editor-in-Chief)
ProductsTelevision content, Television programming
OwnerGovernment of China
ParentXinhua News Agency

The China Xinhua News Network Corporation (CNC, Chinese: 中国新华新闻电视网; pinyin: zhōng guó xīn huá xīn wén diàn shì wǎng) is a state-owned, international communication platform affiliated to the Xinhua News Agency.

CNC owns and operates a TV news network and new media services. They are regarded as an attempt by China to enhance its global communications, develop its influence abroad and counter foreign media. It plays a part in the Chinese government's attempt to show an international vision with a Chinese perspective.


Its opening ceremony came on December 31, 2009. The network began broadcasting CNC World on January 1, 2010, in the Asia-Pacific region and some European countries.[1][2][3]

Until June 2016, Chinese and English CNC channels were accessible by satellite in about 200 countries and areas in the Asia-Pacific region, North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


CNC World[edit]

CNC World is a global, 24-hour, English language news channel, hoping to offer a better view of China to its international viewers.[1] This was regarded as a logical step in the government's multi-billion-pound push for soft power.[2]

CNC Chinese[edit]

The CNC Chinese Channel mainly covers Asia-Pacific and includes the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and other regions, with cable and wireless TV landing.[4]

CNC Holdings Limited[edit]

CNC Holdings Limited (stock code:8356:HK), affiliated to CNC, is a Hong Kong-based investment holding company, chiefly engaged in the provision of waterworks engineering services. The Company operates through three segments:[5][6][7]

  • Provision of waterworks engineering services
  • Television broadcasting
  • Large outdoor display screen advertisement


  • CNC New Media: produces and publishes multimedia content for CNC's new media platforms.
  • CNC Finance: Offers insight into the world of finance, maintaining the idea that they are "letting you stay in the know".
  • CNC Documentary: Produces award-winning documentaries with the goal of showing China and the world from a new perspective.
  • CNC Studio Broadcast Centre: a full media HD program on-site production, high-definition virtual technology production, and news broadcast platform, with Chinese and English channels 7*24 hours HD program broadcast control center.
  • CNC Mobile: A video platform allowing viewers mobile access to news and programs.


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