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Wzonka-Lad is a Nintendo Game Boy emulator for the Amiga series of home computers.[1]


Wzonka-Lad was written by Ville Helin[1] in 68020 assembler.[2]

The reason why Wzonka-Lad came to be was Virtual Game Boy (VGB), a Game Boy emulator written in C ported to Amiga. It ran so slowly on Amiga hardware that Helin decided to write one faster in assembly language.[1]

The emulator requires at least a 68020 processor, provides several options to vary game speed and colours[3] and supports graphics and sound cards (via CyberGraphX and AHI).[2]

In comparison to other Game Boy emulators for Amiga, version 0.64 was slower and more compatible than AmigaGameBoy, but faster than Unix ports like VGB.[3] Version 0.99 was able to achieve playable speed for most games on 68030 50 MHz processor.[2]

At the end of its life, Wzonka-Lad dropped its shareware status, and became GPL open-source software.[4]


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