XXS – Extra Extra Small (game show)

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XXS - Extra Extra Small
XXS - Extra Extra Small (title card).png
Running time 40 minutes
Production company(s) Endemol
Picture format 16:9
Original release 2008
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XXS - Extra Extra Small is a television, physical and family game show created by Endemol Argentina and aired in many countries around the world. The first episode was broadcast in Turkey 2008. It is recorded at Endemol's filming facility in Benavídez, 35 kilometres (22 mi) south of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Three families vie for cash prizes by seeing who can successfully complete a series of physical challenges. The game is played in a house where everything is 100 times bigger than the contestants.

In the show four timed rounds: a children’s round, a mother’s round, a father’s round and a family round. The challenges may sound simple at first, like turning off a hair dryer, closing a water tap, or finding a pin in bowl of pasta, but when faced with gargantuan objects, contestants must find strength, speed, and creativity to succeed. In the final round, the fate of each family is left up to the fathers. Each dad is submerged into a giant washing machine where he must hold on as long as he can while the increasing centrifugal force of the washing machine tests his strength. As velocity increases, soap and water is released and the fathers must avoid being thrown out with the clothes.

And as if that weren’t enough, for every challenge that a family previously lost, a five kilo weight is strapped to the dad’s body. The family whose father holds on the longest wins the game.


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