Xplora1: Peter Gabriel's Secret World

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XPLORA1: Peter Gabriel's Secret World
Cover art
Developer(s) Real World Media (a subsidiary of Real World Studios)
Publisher(s) MacPlay
Designer(s) Peter Gabriel
Platform(s) Macintosh, CD-i, PC
Release 21 December 1993 (Macintosh)
Genre(s) Music Game
Mode(s) Single-player

XPLORA1: Peter Gabriel's Secret World (or simply XPLORA1) is a musical computer game designed by musician Peter Gabriel.


The game was intended to promote his 1992 album, Us, and the success of Xplora1 would prompt him to release a similar musically themed interactive game entitled EVE in 1996 as the second of his post-WOMAD projects. The game was first released for Macintosh in 1993, followed by Windows in 1994 and CD-i in 1995, in which the project was completed in collaboration with Brilliant Media under Gabriel's own label Real World Records.[1]

The gameplay consists of a number of sub-games such as scavenger hunts, sliding puzzles, etc.[2] In interactive mode the player may watch video interviews with Peter Gabriel, and can explore brief summaries of a number of musicians Gabriel has performed with in the past. As the player completes puzzles and accomplishes goals new areas of the CD are unlocked featuring new content for the player to explore.[3]


Xplora1 received 3 awards from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences[4] for:

  • Best Interactive Product of 1994,
  • Best Musical, and
  • Best use of Music


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