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Yele Sambat (Devanagari: येले संबत् ) is the lunar calendar used by the Kirat community of Nepal. The year 3790 YE began on 15 January 2010. The Yele Sambat calendar is supposedly named after the legendary first Kirant king Yalambar. On 15 November 2009, Subash Chandra Nembang, Chairperson of the Constituent Assembly (CA) stressed the need for the Government of Nepal to recognize Kirant Yele Sambat and ensure that it would be included in the constitution as annex. On 15 January 2010, the Government of Nepal stated that it would formally recognise Yele Sambat. It is said that this calendar started when Kirat king Yalamber defeated Gopal dynasty in Kathmandu valley. The new year is celebrated as Maghe Sakranti in Nepal where people eat sweet potato and various kinds of Yam and Sel roti.

In the year 2013-14, Yalambar Foundation (kiratology research Center), Kathmandu published calendar (सिद्धान्तसारिणी नेपालपञ्चाङ्ग-पत्र, किरात येलेसंवत ३७९२, कलिगत ५०७३) depicting माघे सक्रान्ती as new year day to be celebrated by Kirati people. Coincidentally Magar and Tharu ethnic people from Nepal's also celebrate माघे सक्रान्ती as new year.

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