Yeongdong (region)

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Gyeongpodae in Gangneung city, which is the biggest city in Yeongdong region
Revised Romanization Yeongdong
McCune–Reischauer Yŏngdong
North Korean name
Revised Romanization Ryeongdong
McCune–Reischauer Ryŏngdong

Yeongdong (Korean pronunciation: [jʌŋ.doŋ]; literally "east of the passes") is the name of the region coinciding with eastern Gangwon Province in South Korea and eastern Kangwŏn Province in North Korea.

Although Yeongseo describes the western half of the two provinces and Gwandong describes both halves together, "Yeongdong" is used much more frequently in South Korea than either of the other two names, and may be taken loosely to refer to the entire region.

The region's name lends itself to the Yeongdong Railway Line and Yeongdong Expressway, which are major transportation corridors connecting Seoul to Gangwon.

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