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Yir'on is located in Israel
Coordinates: 33°4′37.19″N 35°27′17.64″E / 33.0769972°N 35.4549000°E / 33.0769972; 35.4549000Coordinates: 33°4′37.19″N 35°27′17.64″E / 33.0769972°N 35.4549000°E / 33.0769972; 35.4549000
District Northern
Council Upper Galilee
Region Galilee
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Founded 20 May 1949
Founded by Former Yiftach Brigade and Dror-HeHalutz members
Population (2007) 391
Website www.yiron.org.il

Yir'on (Hebrew: יִרְאוֹן) is a kibbutz in the Galilee Panhandle in northern Israel. Located adjacent to the Lebanese border, it falls under the jurisdiction of Upper Galilee Regional Council. In 2007 it had a population of 391.

The village was established on 20 May 1949 by former members of the Palmach's Yiftach Brigade and graduates of the Dror-HeHalutz youth movement on the ruins of the depopulated Palestinian village of Saliha. Ada Feinberg-Sireni, later a member of the Knesset, was amongst the founders. It was one of a series of villages established along the Lebanese border, with the intention of reinforcing the young states's borders. It was named after a biblical village of the Naftali tribe (Joshua 19:38), situated in this area.

The kibbutz makes money from tourism, the farming of fruit, the growing of trees in a tree nursery and light industry (which included a zip factory).

Former Israeli national security advisor Dani Arditi was born in Yir'on.[1]


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