Yugoslavia men's national water polo team

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The scope of this article only covers the national team of Yugoslavia until 1992 and the end of SFR Yugoslavia. For the team representing FR Yugoslavia, see Serbia men's national water polo team.
Confederation LEN (Europe)
Olympic Games
Appearances 12 (first in 1936)
Best result Winner, 1968, 1984, 1988
World Championships
Appearances 6 (first in 1973)
Best result Winner, 1986, 1991
World Cup
Appearances 6 (first in 1979)
Best result Winner, 1987, 1989
European Championship
Appearances 17 (first in 1927)
Best result Winner, 1991

Yugoslavia men's national water polo team was the national water polo team that represented the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (1920–1929), the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1929–1941), the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia (1946–1963), the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1963–1992). They were one of strongest waterpolo teams in history of sport, having won 7 Olympic, 4 World Championship, 5 World Cup and 12 European Championship medals.

For the later official water polo teams, see:

Yugoslavia men's national water polo team in 1962 vs. Soviet Union in Celje

Olympic Games record[edit]

  • 1936 – First round
  • 1948 – Second round
  • 1952Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 1956Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 1960 – 4th place
  • 1964Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 1968Med 1.png Gold Medal
  • 1972 – 5th place
  • 1976 – 5th place
  • 1980Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 1984Med 1.png Gold Medal
  • 1988Med 1.png Gold Medal
  • 1992Didn't participate

World Championship record[edit]

  • 1973Med 3.png Bronze Medal
  • 1975 — 13th place
  • 1978Med 3.png Bronze Medal
  • 1982 — 7th place
  • 1986Med 1.png Gold Medal
  • 1991Med 1.png Gold Medal

World Cup record[edit]

  • 1979Med 3.png Bronze Medal
  • 1981Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 1983Didn't participate
  • 19854th place
  • 1987Med 1.png Gold Medal
  • 1989Med 1.png Gold Medal
  • 1991Med 2.png Silver Medal

European Championship record[edit]

  • 1950Med 3.png Bronze Medal
  • 1954Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 1958Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 1962Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 1966Med 3.png Bronze Medal
  • 1970Med 3.png Bronze Medal
  • 1974Med 3.png Bronze Medal
  • 1977Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 1985Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 1987Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 1989Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 1991Med 1.png Gold Medal

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