Yves (given name)

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Pronunciation /ˈv/
French: [iv]
Gender Male
Meaning yew
Region of origin Francophone countries
Other names
Related names Erwan, Evette, Ives, Ivet, Iveta, Ivette, Ivo, Iwo, Yvette, Yvo, Yve

Yves (French pronunciation: ​[iv]) is a common French male given name of Celtic, and of Germanic origin derived from Proto-Germanic *īwaz, *īhwaz (compare Icelandic ýr), masculine variant of *īwō (compare Dutch ijf, German Eibe), from Proto-Indo-European *h₁eyHweh₂, meaning yew).[1] Related names include Erwan, Evette, Ives, Ivet, Iveta, Ivette, Ivo, Iwo, Yve, Yvette (the feminine form of Yves), Yvo, Yvon, Yvonne, and many other diminutives (mainly from Brittany).[2]




Business people[edit]




Fictional characters[edit]

  • Yves Adele Harlow, a character in The X-Files
  • Yves Massarde, character in the Clive Cussler novel and film Sahara
  • Yves, a criminal cat in a recurring sketch in the latter episodes of Dog City
  • Yves Benedict, a character in Julia Golding's Finding Sky trilogy


  • St. Yves or Ivo of Chartres (1040–1114), French canon lawyer
  • St. Yves or Ivo of Kermartin (1253–1303), Breton lawyer and priest, patron saint of lawyers
  • Yves Bot (born 1947), French magistrate
  • Yves Lainé (born 1937), French lawyer and politician
  • Yves Pratte (1925–1988), Canadian lawyer and jurist


  • Yves Daoust (born 1946), Canadian composer and pianist
  • Yves Deruyter, Belgian DJ and artist
  • Yves Duteil (born 1949), singer, songwriter, and politician
  • Yves Nat (1890–1956), French composer and pianist
  • Yves Prin (born 1933), French composer, conductor, and pianist
  • Yves Huts (born 1979) Dutch bass player for the band Epica
  • Yves Passarell (born 1969) Brazilian guitarist for the band Capital Inicial
  • Yves V, (born as Yves Van Geertsom in 1981), Belgian DJ and artist
  • DJ Whoo Kid, (born as Yves Mondesir in 1957), American DJ
  • Yves, South Korean singer, member of the pop group LOOΠΔ




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