Zavaritski Caldera

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Zavaritski Caldera
Simushir ISS006-E-24468.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 624 m (2,047 ft)
Coordinates 46°55′30″N 151°57′00″E / 46.925°N 151.95°E / 46.925; 151.95
Location Simushir, Kuril Islands, Russia
Mountain type Caldera
Last eruption November to December 1957

Zavaritski Caldera (Russian: Вулкан Заварицкого, Vulkan Zavaritskogo) is a caldera located in the central part of Simushir Island, Kuril Islands, Russia. Lake Biryuzovoe partially fills the youngest of three nested calderas on the volcano.

The volcano is named after Alexander Nikolayevich Zavaritski, scientist of the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union.

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