Kolokol Group

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Kolokol Group
Kolokol Group is located in Far Eastern Federal District
Kolokol Group
Kolokol Group
Kolokol Group in Russian Far East
Highest point
Elevation1,328 m (4,357 ft)
Coordinates46°02′31″N 150°03′00″E / 46.042°N 150.05°E / 46.042; 150.05
LocationUrup, Kuril Islands, Russia
Mountain typeSomma volcanoes
Last eruptionJuly 1973

Kolokol Group (Russian: Группа Колокола) is a group of somma volcanoes located in the central part of Urup Island, Kuril Islands, Russia. The group is named after its highest volcano but also includes volcanoes called Berg, Trezubetz (which erupted in 1924) and Borzov. The most active in the group is Berg, while Borzov is the oldest.

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