Zeng Liansong

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Zeng Liansong
Native name 曾联松
Born (1917-12-17)December 17, 1917
Died October 19, 1999(1999-10-19) (aged 81)
Occupation University academic
Known for Designer of the PRC Flag
Home town Ruian, Wenzhou, Zhejiang
Zeng Liansong
Traditional Chinese 曾聯松
Simplified Chinese 曾联松

Zeng Liansong (simplified Chinese: 曾联松; traditional Chinese: 曾聯松; pinyin: Zēng Liánsōng) (December 17, 1917 - October 19, 1999) was the designer of the Flag of the People's Republic of China.[1][2] He was from Ruian, Wenzhou, Zhejiang province.[1][2]

He entered the economics department at the National Central University (Nanjing University) in 1936.[2][3] During the Second Sino-Japanese War, he participated in confrontation against Japanese forces. He was also a member of the standing committee of the CPPCC Shanghai committee.

He died in 1999, aged 81.[2]


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