Zhiduo (clothing)

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Zhiduo (直裰) - casual wear for men

Zhiduo (直裰), or Zhishen (直身), or Zhibai (直襬) is the traditional Chinese attire for men. It was worn in the Ming dynasty and was the most popular form of clothing for men. It is a form of casual wear, and is the most common form of attire for men in the Ming Dynasty. It was first worn in Song Dynasty.[1][2] It is a full-length robe with side slits beginning below the waist, often with side panels (暗擺) at the slits as well to conceal the undergarments. The sleeves are mostly curved with a narrow sleeve cuff (琵琶袖, pipa sleeve). There is often an optional detachable protective huling (護領, lit. "protect collar") sewn to the collar. The huling can be of white or any other dark colours. The collar is of the same colour as the clothing.

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