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Zupci is a historical tribe and region in Old Herzegovina, Montenegro. The medieval county of Vrsinje became the domain of the Zupci, while they were not fully formed as a tribe when they were first mentioned.[1] The Zupci had earlier been mentioned as a family or people part of Vrsinje; in 1403 as "homo de Versigna Xubeç", in 1421 as "de Versigne de genere Zubaç", in 1466 as "de Versigne Vlachos Xubci sic dictos".[2] As seen from the Ottoman defter of 1475–77, the Zupci nahija replaced Vrsinje.[3]


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Coordinates: 42°07′40″N 19°07′07″E / 42.1278°N 19.1186°E / 42.1278; 19.1186