Afua Hirsch

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Afua Hirsch
Born Stavanger, Norway
Ethnicity Mixed-Race
Occupation Journalist
Human rights development worker

Afua Hirsch is a journalist, barrister and human rights development worker of Akan origin.[1] Born in Stavanger, Norway[2] to an English father and a Ghanaian mother, she grew up in England.[3] She is a correspondent for the British newspaper The Guardian. She has lived in England and Senegal, and serves as The Guardian's West Africa correspondent.[3][4] She currently makes her home in Accra, Ghana.

Early life[edit]

The daughter of an English father and an Akan mother originally from Ghana, she was born in Stavanger, Norway. She grew up in the Brixton neighborhood of London, where she often lied to friends saying she was of Jamaican origin rather than Ghanaian.[3]


Hirsch has worked in international development, law and journalism. She began working as a lawyer in criminal defence, public and international law. She then became a legal correspondent for The Guardian.[5]


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