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Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW) is the organisation responsible for the founding and growth of the association football derivative sport of beach soccer. The founding partners of beach soccer codified the rules of beach soccer in 1992, and the company is recognised as playing a major role in helping to spread the sport around the world.

BSWW organises tournaments around the world, but mainly in Europe, in the sport. They also founded the Beach Soccer World Championships, as well as a tour of individual events, such as the 2010 Beach Soccer Worldwide Tour. BSWW created a partnership with FIFA, FIFA Beach Soccer S.L., in 2005 to jointly manage the tournament as the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup.

BSWW rankings[edit]

The Beach Soccer Worldwide Beach Soccer Rankings were set up to calculate national beach soccer teams success and create a rankings table to display this. Brazil have dominated the rankings with their major success in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. A smaller BSWW European rankings table also exists.

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