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Chris Wyse
Background information
Born (1969-07-15) July 15, 1969 (age 44)
Queens, New York
Occupations Bassist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer
Instruments Bass guitar, Upright bass
Years active 1990–present
Labels Roadrunner Records, Cooking Vinyl, Overit
Associated acts The Cult
Ozzy Osbourne
Jerry Cantrell
Tal Bachman

Chris Wyse is an American bassist and vocalist, known for his performances with Jerry Cantrell, The Cult, Ozzy Osbourne,[1]JC [2] and Mick Jagger,[3] amongst others. Wyse has played with The Cult since 2006, and is the vocalist and bassist for Owl, a band he founded in 2007.[4] Owl, who have been described as "approaching timeless rock structures through a healthy amount of experimentation and instrumental intricacy" [5] released their debut in 2009, and will release The Right Thing in April 2013. The first music video from the album, the title track's The Right Thing, premiered on Rolling Stone's website in March 2013.[6]


Wyse is a first generation Irish American, and was born in Queens, New York. He discovered the music of Kiss, the Doors, and Led Zeppelin in grade school, and was inspired by Iron Maiden's Steve Harris to play bass. Performing with local bands in New York, Wyse's ability and innovative approach to the bass was quickly acknowledged, and at 17, he was profiled in Guitar Player Magazine. At 20, he was featured in Guitar For the Practicing Musician. In 1990, prompted by the success of a studio session with musicians associated with Steve Vai, Wyse moved to Los Angeles,[7] where he devoted most of his time to playing with bands. After performing with artists including Guns N' Roses's Chris Pitman and Tool’s Paul D'Amour, Wyse was introduced to acclaimed producer Bob Rock,[8][9] and became Rock's 'go-to' bassist,[10] playing with Rock-produced artists including Tal Bachman, as well as continuing to play with other artists, including Scott Weiland and JC aka Jeff Cullen. In 2001, Wyse played on the Cult's well-received album, Beyond Good and Evil,[11] which Rock produced. In 2003, he joined JC, played live with the band JC LIVE and appeared on the cover of 2003 album JC Greatest Hits 1 [12] and 2004 album JC Greatest Hits 2.[13] In 2006, he became the Cult's full-time bass player, touring worldwide and recording two additional albums. In 2004, Wyse was recruited for Ozzy Osbourne's band by drummer Mike Bordin. He played on Ozzy's Under Cover album, which was included in Osbourne's box set, Prince of Darkness.[14] Additionally, Wyse performed and recorded with Bob Rock's band, the Payola$.

In 2003, Bob Rock, who was then producing Metallica, urged Wyse to audition for the band. He was one of a handful of bassists selected to play with Metallica during the audition process, which was documented in the film Some Kind of Monster.[15]

In 2007, Wyse founded the current incarnation of Owl, an alternative rock band.[16] In Owl, Wyse acts as singer, songwriter, and producer, in addition to playing bass guitar and upright bass, sometimes creating Hendrix-like effects on the upright bass by using a bow.[17] Wyse formed Owl with his childhood friend, drummer Dan Dinsmore, and guitarist Jason Mezilis.[18]


Year Artist Project Title Credit
2013 Owl The Right Thing Vocals, Bass, Upright Bass, Songwriter, Producer
2012 The Cult Choice of Weapon Bass, Upright Bass, Songwriter
2009 Owl Owl Vocals, Bass, Upright Bass, Songwriter, Producer
2008 Various Artists We Wish You A Metal Xmas And A Headbanging New Year Bass
2007 The Cult Born Into This Bass, Songwriter
2005 Ozzy Osbourne Prince of Darkness Bass
2005 Ozzy Osbourne Under Cover Bass
2004 JC Greatest Hits 2 Band Member - Digital Remaster Release 2013
2003 JC Greatest Hits 1 Band Member - Digital Remaster Release 2013
2001 The Cult Beyond Good and Evil Bass
2001 Mick Jagger Goddess In the Doorway Bass
2001 Various Artists Broken Machine: A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails Bass, Upright Bass, Producer
2001 Owl Flammable: A Tribute To The Red Hot Chili Peppers Bass, Upright Bass, Producer
2000 Nina Gordon Tonight and the Rest Of My Life Upright Bass
1999 Tal Bachman Tal Bachman Bass
1999 Scott Weiland's Big Blue Missile The Spy Who Shagged Me OST Bass

Videography/Filmography/Television Appearances[edit]

Year Artist Title
2013 Owl The Right Thing Video
2013 Owl Destroyer Video
2013 Owl Perfect Video
2012 The Cult For the Animals Video
2012 The Cult Love Removal Machine, Wildflower, She Sells Sanctuary, For The Animals Jimmy Kimmel Live
2012 The Cult Honey From A Knife Video
2010 Ace Frehley Behind the Player DVD
2009 Owl Pusher Video
2006 The Cult Live At Irving Plaza DVD
2006 The Cult She Sells Sanctuary Jimmy Kimmel Live
2006 The Cult Wild Flower Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
2005 JC JC LIVE with Jeff Cullen Brad Ackley Jason Sutter A Live Concert at the Roxy Theatre Hollywood California
2003 Metallica Some Kind Of Monster Film
1999 Tal Bachman If You Sleep Video
1999 Tal Bachman She's So High Video


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