New York Groove

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"New York Groove"
Single by Ace Frehley
from the album Ace Frehley
Released 1978 (US)
Format 7"
Recorded Plaze Sound Studios,
New York City: 1978
Genre Rock
Length 3:01
Label Casablanca NB-941 (US)
Writer(s) Russ Ballard
Producer(s) Eddie Kramer and Ace Frehley
Ace Frehley singles chronology
"Radioactive" / "See You In Your Dreams"
"New York Groove" / "Snow Blind"
"Don't You Let Me Down"

"New York Groove" is a song written by Russ Ballard and first recorded by Hello in 1975 and later by Ace Frehley in 1978.


The British glam rock band Hello first recorded the song in 1975, for their debut album, Keeps Us Off the Streets.

The song was a number nine hit in the UK, and subsequently reached number seven in Germany.

Ace Frehley[edit]

Ace Frehley recorded the song for his solo album released in 1978. Frehley, like the other then-current members of Kiss, recorded and released a solo album. Released as a single, this song made it to No.13 on the American Billboard Hot 100 late that year, by far the highest charting single from any of the Kiss members' solo albums. "New York Groove" was performed on Kiss's tours of 1979 and 1980, and became a staple of Frehley's shows during his solo tours in the 1980s and 90s, and again during the Reunion Tour when he rejoined Kiss in 1996.

A live version of the song can be found on the Japanese version of the 1996 album You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best!! (and the U.S. vinyl version) recorded in Sydney, Australia in 1980 which would also make it one of the few live recordings released by the group to feature longtime drummer Eric Carr. Ace Frehley once told Rolling Stone magazine that his unique take on the song was inspired by his experience with hookers in New York City's pre-Rudy Giuliani Times Square.

Other media[edit]

The Ace Frehley recording features in the 2006 film A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, and the Oscar-winning 2010 documentary Inside Job. It has been played on USA Network in a promo for the series White Collar, as well as in promos. It was also used in the 2011 animated film, Top Cat: The Movie.

The melody of the song inspired Argentine rock band Soda Stereo for writing the song "Zoom" for the album Sueño Stereo in 1995. The song was also sampled in Brooks Buford's song of the same title.

The New York Giants use "New York Groove" at home games after scoring a touchdown as well as Super Bowl XLII and Super Bowl XLVI.

The Hello version is featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV on the in-game radio station Liberty Rock Radio.

"New York Groove" was used as the opening theme intro for the American cable television reality series NY Ink.

"New York Groove" is featured in the 2010 documentary Inside Job.

"New York Groove" is the opening track on the Sweet album "New York Connection" released 2012. The Sweet's version however is a contemporary update, that fuses Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' song "Empire State of Mind" (another ode to New York city), into the chorus.[1]

AT&T also used the Hello version of "New York Groove" in a 2012 commercial.

"New York Groove" is ending the 10th episode of season 4 of the hit TV show Entourage.

New York Groove is played during the opening scene of 2013 Crime Drama Blood Ties in an apartment right before a shoot out commences.


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The movie "Blood Ties" did use the song in the opening but they stated the scene as 1974 when the song did not come out till 1978.