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Michael Davies (born Richard Michael Davis, 1943, in Richmond, Surrey, England), better known as Dik Mik, was the electronics operator and keyboardist with Hawkwind. On album credits he was credited as playing keyboards, audio generator, synthesiser or electronics.

He knew Dave Brock before the formation of Hawkwind in November 1969, and was an original member of the band. He was injured in a major traffic accident in May 1971, and had to step down, his place being taken by Del Dettmar. Dik Mik returned in August 1971, but Dettmar stayed, and they both played electronics. Dik Mik finally left Hawkwind in August 1973.

With Hawkwind, he had a #3 UK hit single with "Silver Machine", and a #9 UK album with Space Ritual.


two sons Mica Merlin Davies born 1975 and Marshall Lee Davies born 1979 by ex partner, Artist, Izzy Wildheart.