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Korean name
Hangul 동화사
Hanja 桐華寺
Revised Romanization Donghwasa
McCune–Reischauer Tonghwasa
Main hall (Daeungjeon)
Bell Pavilion

Donghwasa, also Donghwa Temple, is a Buddhist temple of the Jogye Order in northern Daegu, South Korea. The temple is located on the south side of Mt. Palgongsan, within the boundaries of Dohak-dong, Dong-gu, near Daegu's northern border. It is the seat of the 9th region of the Jogye Order. The name means "temple of paulownia blossoms."

The first temple on the site was built by monk Geuk-Dal in the 15th year of the Silla King SoJi’s reign (493) and named Yugasa (Yuga-Temple). The name Donghwasa was applied after its reconstruction under King HeungDeok during the Unified Silla period in 832. From this time to the present, it has remained one of the country's most powerful temples. During the Goryeo Dynasty, it was one of only four temples which administered the civil service examinations for monks. Buddhists were out of power during the Joseon Dynasty, but the temple retained a great deal of influence, and continued building new structures.

Several National treasures of South Korea are housed at Donghwasa.

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