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Fag stag and fruit fly are slang terms for a heterosexual man who either enjoys, prefers the company of (or simply has numerous friends who are), gay or bisexual.

The latter term comes from the derogatory term for homosexuals (fruit).[1][2]

The term, which originated in the United States in the 1990s,[1][3] is the male equivalent of the more common slang - fag hag,[4] a term which is part of hag-ism; the identification of a person with a group—usually united in terms of sexuality, gender identity, or shared sex—of which he or she is not a member.[5]

The term can be used as a pejorative or as a term of endearment within LGBT communities.[6][7][8]


The colloquialism is used, albeit rarely, primarily within the LGBT communities.[9][10]

Mainstream shows, such as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Queer as Folk, Will & Grace and others, often explore the mainstreaming of friendships where differing sexualities play a complement rather than impediment to friendships and social situations.[4][dead link][11][12]

In addition, homophobia has become less prevalent, and efforts to confront violence and hostility towards sexual and gender minorities, such as gay-straight alliance has helped lift some of the stigma attached to having LGBT people as close friends.[4][dead link][11]

A 2002 episode of the MTV series Undressed was titled Fag Stag, and centered around a gay wedding.[13][14]

When Radar magazine debuted, its founder and editor-in-chief, Maer Roshan, called competitor Details' editor-in-chief Dan Peres, a "professional fag stag,"[15] stating, "Let's get one thing straight, Peres is not gay. But, his magazine sure seems to be."[15]

An alternate use of the term fag stag, is a male gay icon celebrity, who is thenselves either straight or gay, and is loved by the gay community, and has "gay buddies," such as: Kevin Smith, Ben Affleck, Eric McCormack, Justin Timberlake, Colin Farrell, Matthew Broderick, Robbie Williams, Ben Cohen, Darren Criss, or Daniel Radcliffe.[4][dead link][12][15]

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