The Right to Be Greedy

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The Right To Be Greedy: Theses On The Practical Necessity Of Demanding Everything is a book published in 1974 by an American situationist collective called "For Ourselves: Council for Generalized Self-Management". Post-left anarchist Bob Black describes it in its preface as an "audacious attempt to synthesize a collectivist social vision of left-wing origin with an individualistic (for lack of a better word) ethic usually articulated on the right."[1]

Its authors say "The positive conception of egoism, the perspective of communist egoism, is the very heart and unity of our theoretical and practical coherence."[2] It is highly influenced by the work of Max Stirner. A reprinting of the work in the eighties was done by Loompanics Unlimited with the involvement of Bob Black who also wrote the preface to it.[1]


  • "Greed in its fullest sense is the only possible basis of communist society."
  • "The present forms of greed lose out, in the end, because they turn out to be not greedy enough."
  • "The activity of simultaneous appropriation by each individual of all the rest, or of the appropriation of society by all at once inter-appropriation (realized inter-subjectivity, or co-property) - itself constitutes the totality of social production."
  • "The perspective of communist egoism is the perspective of that selfishness which desires nothing so much as other selves, of that egoism which wants nothing so much as other egos; of that greed which is greedy to love - love being the “total appropriation” of man by man."
  • "Communist egoism" names the synthesis of individualism and collectivism, just as communist society names the actual, material, sensuous solution to the historical contradiction of the "particular" and the "general" interest, a contradiction engendered especially in the cleavage of society against itself into classes."


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