Xylose isomerase

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xylose isomerase
D-Xylose isomerase tetramer from Streptomyces rubiginosus PDB 2glk.[1] One monomer is coloured by secondary structure to highlight the TIM barrel architecture.
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CAS number 9023-82-9
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In enzymology, a xylose isomerase (EC is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction

D-xylose \rightleftharpoons D-xylulose

This enzyme belongs to the family of isomerases, specifically those intramolecular oxidoreductases interconverting aldoses and ketoses. The systematic name of this enzyme class is D-xylose aldose-ketose-isomerase. Other names in common use include D-xylose isomerase, D-xylose ketoisomerase, and D-xylose ketol-isomerase. This enzyme participates in pentose and glucuronate interconversions and fructose and mannose metabolism. The enzyme is used industrially to convert glucose to fructose in the manufacture of high-fructose corn syrup. It is sometimes referred to as "glucose isomerase".

Structural studies[edit]

Xylose isomerase enzymes exhibit a TIM barrel fold with the active site in the centre of the barrel and a tetrameric quaternary structure.[2] PDB structures are available in the links in the infobox to the right.


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