Heng Chee How

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Heng Chee How
Native name 王志豪
Born 1961
Nationality Singapore
Education Cambridge University with BA (Honours) and MA; Harvard University with Master in Public Administration
Occupation Minister of State, Politician
Political party
People's Action Party
Religion Christianity[citation needed]

Heng Chee How (Chinese: 王志豪) is a Singaporean politician from the Singapore People's Action Party (PAP). He was the Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office during the 11th Parliament of Singapore.

Political career[edit]

Heng first entered political world in 1997 contesting against Low Thia Khiang from the Workers' Party of Singapore (WP) in Hougang Single Member Constituency (Hougang SMC). He failed in his first attempt against the incumbent but managed to garner a respectable 42% against Low who was then one of the two non-ruling party Members of Parliaments (MPs).

Heng contested in Jalan Besar Group Representation Constituency (Jalan Besar GRC) in 2001 as one of 5 team members of the PAP team led by Minister Lee Boon Yang against a Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) team led by Sin Kek Tong.[1] They won winning 74.5% of the votes.

In 2006, Heng represented PAP again as one of 5 team members of almost the same team led by Minister Lee Boon Yang and Minister Yaacob Ibrahim in Jalan Besar GRC against another SDA team composed of Teo Kway Huang Sebastian, Fong Chin Leong, Cheo Chai Chen, Yeo Boon Keng Vincent and Muhamad Ali bin Aman.[2] His team won with 69.3% of the votes during this third campaign.

In 2011, Heng contested in Whampoa Single Member Constituency (Whampoa SMC) which was carved out of Jalan Besar GRC and met up against veteran Ken Sun from the National Solidarity Party. He won convincingly alone this time with 66.11% of the votes and made it to parliament for his third term as MP.

Notable appointments[edit]

  • Deputy Secretary-General, National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) ( 1999 to current )
  • Minister of State, Ministry of Trade & Industry ( Aug 2004 - Sep 2005 )
  • Minister of State, Ministry of National Development ( Nov 2001 - May 2006 )
  • Mayor, Central Singapore District ( Nov 2001 - May 2006 )
  • Minister of State, Ministry of Health ( May 2006 - March 2008 )
  • Minister of State, Prime Minister's Office ( Apr 2008 to current )


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