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Herwig Schopper came to CERN in the early 1970s to head the Nuclear Physics Division. Then, after chairing the directorate of the German nuclear research centre DESY for several years, he returned to CERN in 1981, where he was Director-General during the approval and construction of the Large Electron Positron collider.

Herwig Franz Schopper, German physicist, was born in Lanškroun, Czechoslovakia on February 28, 1924. He was involved at CERN as a Research Associate (1966-1967), Division Leader of the Nuclear Physics Division (1970), member of the Directorate responsible for the Co-ordination of the Experimental Programme, Chairman of the ISR Committee at CERN (1973-1976), member of the Scientific Policy Committee (1979) and finally as Director General from 1981-1988.

In 2003, Herwig Schopper was elected to the post of president of the International Centre for Synchrotron-Light for Experimental Science Applications in the Middle East (SESAME) Council.

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Preceded by
Léon van Hove
CERN Director General
1981 – 1988
Succeeded by
Carlo Rubbia