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Developer(s) Atlassian Inc.
Operating system Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS + Web-based application)
Type Hosted chat and instant messaging for teams and enterprises
Website www.hipchat.com

HipChat is an application service provider that launched in January 2010[1] after a one month beta period[2] for internal/private chat and instant messaging. It allows users to create and participate in chat rooms and send one-on-one messages with other people in a group-centric format.


The primary features of HipChat are chat rooms, one-on-one messaging, searchable chat history, image sharing, file uploading, and SMS messaging for one-on-one conversations. The product is available both as a web-based client and a downloadable AIR application.

In the press[edit]

HipChat has been covered by Web Worker Daily[3].


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