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Holden EK
1961-62 EK Special Sedan==.JPG
Holden EK Special Sedan
Manufacturer General Motors-Holden's
Also called Holden Standard
Holden Special
Holden Utility
Holden Panel Van
Production May 1961 to July 1962
Body and chassis
Class Mid-size
Body style 4-door sedan
5-door station wagon
2-door coupé utility
2-door panel van
Layout FR layout
Engine 138 cu in (2.3 L) 6-cyl
Transmission 3spd manual
3spd automatic
Wheelbase 105.0 inches (2667 mm)
Length 181.8 inches (4617 mm)
Width 67.0 inches (1703 mm)
Height 59.9 inches (1521 mm)
Curb weight Standard Sedan: 2471 lb (1121 kg)
Predecessor Holden FB
Successor Holden EJ

The Holden EK series is a motor vehicle that was produced by General Motors-Holden's in Australia from 1961 to 1962.[1] Introduced on 2 May 1961, the EK series was a facelifted version of the Holden FB, which it replaced.[1]

Model range[edit]

The EK range consisted of four-door sedans in two trim levels, five-door station wagons in two trim levels,[2] a two-door coupe utility and a two-door panel van.[3] The six models were marketed as follows:

  • Holden Standard Sedan [2]
  • Holden Standard Station Sedan [2]
  • Holden Special Sedan [2]
  • Holden Special Station Sedan [2]
  • Holden Utility [3]
  • Holden Panel Van [3]


The EK was a minor facelift of the superseded FB series, with obvious changes limited to a new grille and body side mouldings.[1] Other changes included a revised interior trim, electric wipers, a new heater unit and the addition of a bonnet lock as an option.[4] The only significant mechanical change from the FB was the introduction of the first automatic transmission to be offered on a Holden.[4] Marketed as the Hydra-Matic, it was a three-speed unit which was fully imported from the United States.[4] It was only offered on the Holden Special models.[4]

The carrying capacity of the Utility and Panel Van were increased from 8 cwt to 10 cwt by fitting upgraded springs.[1]


All EK models were powered by a 138 cubic inches (2,260 cc) inline six-cylinder engine having been bore out .061" over the earlier models 3" bore, producing 75 brake horsepower (56 kW).[5]

Production and replacement[edit]

After a production run of 150,214 vehicles,[1] the EK was replaced by the Holden EJ series in July 1962.[6]


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  • Norm Darwin, The history of Holden since 1917, 1983

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