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Type IPTV Platform Operator
Industry Pay TV
Products IPTV Services
Owner(s) TM Group
Website tm.com.my/hypptv

HyppTV is an IPTV service operated by Telekom Malaysia (TM) The service was launched as part of TM's bundled Triple-play service offering of [VoIP] Telephone, Internet and IPTV called UniFi.

The service is offered to residential and business customers in Malaysia over an optical fiber network via FTTH and VDSL2.

The IPTV service was later offered to TM's Streamyx ADSL2+ customers.

TV channels[edit]

Channel Name Package Price per month
101 TV1 Free-to-air Free
102 TV2 Free-to-air Free
103 TV3 Free-to-air Free
107 ntv7 Free-to-air Free
108 8TV Free-to-air Free
109 TV9 Free-to-air Free
111 EC Inspirasi Free-to-air Free
112 EMAS Platinum/Mega Pack RM3
113 Hikmah Channel Free-to-air Free
114 TV AlHijrah (HD) Free-to-air Free
115 MNC International Platinum/Mega Pack RM6
121 TV Direct Showcase Free-to-air Free
201 Now TV International Platinum/Ruby Pack RM9
205 Platinum/Ruby Pack RM6
206 STAR Chinese Channel Platinum/Ruby Pack RM6
207 Channel [V] Taiwan Platinum/Ruby Pack RM6
208 TVB8 Platinum/Ruby Pack RM6
209 SETi Platinum/Ruby Pack RM6
221 Platinum/Ruby Pack RM6
225 Platinum Pack RM15
226 SCM Legend Platinum/Ruby Pack RM9
227 Screen Red Platinum/Ruby Pack RM9
301 UTV Stars HD Platinum/Mega Pack RM6
302 Polimer TV Platinum/Mega Pack RM3
305 UTV Bindass Platinum/Mega Pack RM3
306 Jaya MAX Platinum/Mega Pack RM3
307 UTV Movies Platinum/Mega Pack RM6
308 Sony MAX Platinum/Mega Pack RM6
401 Australia Network Free-to-air Free
402 Euronews Free-to-air Free
403 DW-TV Free-to-air Free
404 France 24 Single channel RM20
405 1News Free-to-air free
410 Bernama TV Free-to-air Free
411 Channel NewsAsia Free-to-air Free
412 Al Jazeera English Platinum/Mega Pack RM3
414 NHK World HD Free-to-air Free
420 The Capital HD Platinum/Mega Pack RM6
421 Bloomberg TV Free-to-air Free
501 BBC Knowledge Platinum/Mega Pack RM6
503 Nat Geo People HD Platinum/Mega Pack RM9
551 BabyFirst TV Platinum/Mega Pack RM6
552 Nick Jr. Platinum/Mega Pack RM6
553 CBeebies Platinum/Mega Pack RM6
561 Discovery Kids Platinum/Mega Pack RM6
601 Channel M HD Platinum/Mega Pack RM9
602 MTV Live HD Platinum/Mega Pack RM6
603 iConcerts HD Platinum/Mega Pack RM9
604 Channel [V] International HD Platinum/Mega Pack RM6
610 FOX Crime HD Platinum/Mega Pack RM9
611 Syfy HD Platinum/Mega Pack RM9
612 Universal Channel HD Platinum/Mega Pack RM9
613 WarnerTV HD Platinum/Mega Pack RM6
614 BBC Entertainment Platinum/Mega Pack RM6
616 RTL CBS Entertainment HD Platinum/Mega Pack RM9
617 RTL CBS Extreme HD Platinum/Mega Pack RM9
620 BBC Lifestyle Platinum/Mega Pack RM6
621 Travel Channel HD Free-to-air Free
622 LUXE.TV HD Free-to-air Free
623 Fashion TV HD Platinum/Mega Pack RM9
701 HyppSports HD Sports Pack RM15
702 HyppSports 2 HD Sports Pack Complimentary HyppSports
703 HyppSports 3 HD Sports Pack Complimentary HyppSports
704 HyppSports 4 HD Sports Pack Complimentary HyppSports
705 MUTV Sports Pack RM9
707 FOX Football Channel HD Sports Pack RM15
708 Astro SuperSport HD Sports Pack RM40
709 Astro SuperSport 2 HD Sports Pack Complimentary Astro SuperSport HD
710 Trace Sport Stars HD Sports/Mega Pack RM9
711 Outdoor Channel HD Mega/Platinum Pack RM9

Radio channels[edit]

Video On Demand[edit]

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