Ignition (Darude album)

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Studio album by Darude
Released May 8, 2001
Genre Electronica, Dance
Length 78:21
Darude chronology
Before the Storm

Ignition is an unofficial Darude album, put together by fans, using old or unreleased tracks from his page on mp3.com.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Beats All Cracked Up (Darude vs Mindmachine)"
  2. "Computer Section (Darude vs Mindmachine)"
  3. "Calm Before the Storm"
  4. "Tear Apart"
  5. "Touch Me Feel Me"
  6. "Calm Before the Storm"
  7. "No Turning Back (Darude vs Mindmachine)"
  8. "Laa La La E Oo Eoo"
  9. "Sandstorm (Original Mix)"
  10. "Killer Pop (New Vocal Remix With Mindmachine)"
  11. "Feel the Beat (Original Mix)"
  12. "1st 909 (Darude vs Mindmachine)"
  13. "Reality-Insanity (Echo and Verb) (Darude vs Mindmachine)"
  14. "Rock Da House (Euro Edit)"
  15. "You're My Fantasy (Darude vs Mindmachine)"
  16. "Feel the Beat (Soundfreak Remix) "