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Interstate 75 marker

Interstate 75
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length: 161.86 mi[2] (260.49 km)
Existed: 1963-1974[1] – present
Major junctions
South end: I-75 at Georgia state line
  I-24 in Chattanooga
I-40 in Knoxville
I-640 in Knoxville
I-275 in Knoxville
North end: I-75 at Kentucky state line
Highway system
SR-74 SR-75

In the U.S. state of Tennessee, Interstate 75 (I-75) runs from Chattanooga to Jellico by way of Knoxville. Interstate 75 enters the East Tennessee region following the Tennessee Valley from Georgia, all the way through Knoxville to near Lake City, then climbs into the Cumberland Mountains before crossing over into Kentucky.

Route description[edit]

Lane configurations[edit]

Interstate 75 North at Exit #49 in McMinn County, Tennessee in 2009.
  • Between Kentucky line and mile marker 124 (2 lanes each way)
  • From mile marker 124 to Exit 112 (2 lanes each way- currently in the process of being widened to three lanes each way)

From Exit 112 to I-275/I-640 interchange (3 lanes each way)

  • Along I-640 concurrency (3 to 4 lanes each way)
  • From I-40/I-640 western split to I-140 (Exit 376) (4 to 5 lanes each way)
  • From I-140 to I-40/I-75 split west of Farragut (3 lanes each way)
  • From I-40 to Exit 11 (SR 317 near Chattanooga) (2 lanes each way)
  • From Exit 11 to SR 153 (Exit 3) (4 lanes each way)
  • From SR 153 to I-24 (3 lanes each way)
  • Through I-24 interchange (2 lanes each way)
  • From EB 24 to SB 75 ramp to Georgia line (3 through lanes each way, auxiliary lane SB for US 41 exit)


I-75 north, along its concurrency with I-40 east in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 2009

Interstate 75 originally continued into downtown Knoxville then turned to the north at Malfunction Junction, following what is now signed as Interstate 275. When the western section of Interstate 640 was completed in 1982, Interstate 75 was moved to overlap the auxiliary route to divert through traffic away from downtown in preparation for the 1982 World's Fair. This concurrency is somewhat unusual in that the exit numbers and mile markers follow the auxiliary route I-640 instead of Interstate 75 milage.

In December 1990, a 99 vehicle accident occurred in dense fog outside Calhoun that resulted in 12 deaths and 42 injuries.[3] The accident was later profiled on the show Forensic Files.

In March 2005, the southbound lanes of Interstate 75 were shut down between mile marker 141 to 143 in Campbell County due to a rockslide below the roadway that caused the pavement to partially collapse.[4]

On May 1, 2008 I-75 Northbound traffic was re-routed back along its original path in downtown Knoxville along Interstate 275 as part of SmartFix 40, a major construction project that includes closing a portion of I-40. Traffic was re-routed along I-275 as the ramp from I-640 Eastbound/I-75 Northbound to I-75 Northbound is only one lane which causes traffic delays at peak times.

In March 2012, the southbound lanes of the interstate were again closed to traffic between mile markers 141 and 143 in Campbell County, Tennessee due to a slide beneath the roadway.[5] This was later followed by a second slide in early May 2012[6] that caused a portion of the roadway to collapse and forced the detour lanes to be closed.

Exit list[edit]

County Location Mile km Exit Destinations Notes
Hamilton Chattanooga 0.00 0.00 I-75 south – Dalton Georgia state line
1 US-41 (US-76, SR-8) – East Ridge Signed as exits 1A (south) and 1B (north) northbound
2 I-24 west to I-59 south – Chattanooga, Nashville, Birmingham South end of US-74 overlap
3 SR-320 (East Brainerd Road) Signed as exits 3A (east) and 3B (west) northbound
4 SR-153 north – Chattanooga Airport, Chickamauga Dam
4A Hamilton Place Boulevard Northbound exit and southbound entrance
5 Shallowford Road
7 US-11 south / US-64 west (Lee Highway, SR-2 west) / SR-317 (Bonny Oaks Drive) – Summit, Collegedale South end of US-11/US-64/SR-2 overlap; signed as exits 7A (SR-317 east) and 7B (SR-317 west) northbound
  9 Volkswagen Drive Serves Volkswagen Chattanooga Assembly Plant
  11 US-11 north / US-64 east (SR-2 east) – Ooltewah North end of US-11/US-64/SR-2 overlap
Bradley   20
US-64 Byp. east (US-74 east, SR-311) – Cleveland
North end of US-74 overlap
Cleveland 25 SR-60 – Dayton, Cleveland, Lee University
27 To US-11 / SR-60 / Paul Huff Parkway – Cleveland
  33 SR-308 – Charleston
McMinn   36 SR-163 – Calhoun
  42 SR-39 (Riceville Road)
Athens 49 SR-30 – Decatur, Athens
  52 SR-305 (Mount Verd Road) – Athens
  56 SR-309 – Niota
Monroe Sweetwater 60 SR-68 – Spring City, Sweetwater
  62 SR-322 (Oakland Road) – Sweetwater
Loudon   68 SR-323 – Philadelphia
Loudon 72 SR-72 – Loudon
  76 SR-324 (Sugar Limb Road)
Lenoir City 81 US-321 (SR-73) to SR-95 – Oak Ridge, Lenoir City, Maryville
  84B I-40 west – Nashville South end of I-40 overlap; no exit number southbound
Knox   369 Watt Road
Farragut 373 Campbell Station Road – Farragut
Knoxville 374 SR-131 (Lovell Road)
376 I-140 east / SR-162 north – Oak Ridge, Maryville Signed as exits 376A (north) and 376B (east)
378 Cedar Bluff Road Signed as exits 378A (south) and 378B (north) southbound
379 Bridgewater Road, Walker Springs Road, Gallaher View Road Signed as exits 379 (Bridgewater Road, Walker Springs Road) and 379A (Gallaher View Road) southbound
380 US-11 / US-70 (Kingston Turnpike, SR-1) – West Hills
383 SR-332 (Papermill Drive) Southbound slip ramp has entrances and exits to/from Papermill Drive and Weisgarber Road
385 I-40 east / I-640 west – Knoxville North end of I-40 overlap; south end of I-640 overlap
1 SR-62 (Western Avenue)
3B US-25W north (SR-9 north) / Gap Road – Clinton Northbound exit and southbound entrance
3 I-640 east (US-25W south, SR-9 south) – Asheville North end of I-640 overlap; no exit number northbound
3 I-275 south – Knoxville No exit number southbound
108 Merchants Drive
110 Callahan Drive
112 SR-131 (Emory Road) – Powell
  117 SR-170 (Raccoon Valley Road)
Anderson   122 SR-61 – Clinton, Norris
Lake City 128 US-441 (SR-71) – Lake City
129 US-25W south (SR-9 south, SR-116) – Lake City South end of US-25W/SR-9 overlap
Campbell Caryville 134 US-25W north / SR-63 east (SR-9 north) – Caryville, Jacksboro, La Follette North end of US-25W/SR-9 overlap; South end of SR-63 overlap
141 SR-63 west – Huntsville, Oneida North end of SR-63 overlap
  144 Stinking Creek Road
  156 Rarity Mountain Road
Jellico 160 US-25W (SR-9) – Jellico
161.86 260.49 I-75 north – Williamsburg Kentucky state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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